The Tao Te Ching translated into Dudeish!

The Dude De ChingEvery religion needs to have a holy book. Christianity has the Bible, Judaism has the Torah, Buddhism has the Dhammapada and Scientology has its Dianetics.

Of course, we too have a tome that you can use to really tie your head together, and it’s called The Dude De Ching.

It’s basically a translation of the Tao Te Ching (the holy book of the Taoists), only it utilizes lines from The Big Lebowski to transform an ancient and challenging bunch of philosophical poems into the parlance of our times. Now you can die with a smile on your face without feeling like the good Tao confused you. You also get a free version of the original Tao Te Ching–each original verse is pasted below the Dudeist version so you can see how closely Dudeism resembles Taoism.

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Note: At the end of 2015 we released this totally new version, entirely updated and rewritten, with a new translation of the Tao of the Dude, new illustrations and in a larger format. The out of print version is still available second hand, but at ridiculous prices set by nihilist scalpers.

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