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  • You’re all no doubt familiar with the esteemed Guggenheim museum which houses a collection of the finest art in the world. This is not anything like that. Like that unspoiled Sistine Chapel Pad over there in Rome, The Dudenheim is our holy display of transcendent Dudeliness. You can click on the images to see them better. We’ve forgotten where we got some of these so if you can tell us we’d be much obliged. Also, please send suggestions for new additions with the website and name (or handle) of the artist. We’ve even opened up a tee shirt shop featuring some of the designs below.

    Lebowski Last Supperlebowskipainting.com


    The Dawn of the Dude Cloxboy 


    Dudervana Jeremy Couturier


    Dude WarsMattPLOG


    Andy Rash 


    Treehorn's-PadJeremy Rosenstein Kortes 



    sesame st lebowski

    Paul Harrison-Davies

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The_Dude_by_sticmannSticmann

    The_dude_sketch_by_Lucius_Ferguson the-illustrated-lebowski-9188-1267817625-39
    Jim Horwat 





    Maclaine Dude Cube 


    walter-bowlJude Buffum 

    Hello_Lebowski_by_misterunluckyErich Larsen
    sketch_lebowski1b2 Big_Lebowski_south_park_by_BloodyFlame_IronNameJace C. L. Jamison
    hoffmanChris Hoffman  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Shalan Darragh

    joe forkan
    Joe Forkan



    lebowski-bowling-pinsDax Norman 


    Robert Haines - I Got a Rash 47:58

    Robert Haines



    brandon yarwood
    Brandon Yarwood

    Brandon Yarwood

    GA The Big Lebowski Stay out of Malibu David Eichenberger 

    David Eichenberger

    Oliver Benjamin

    his dudeness

    Eric Neuman 
    Colin Brown
    Out_of_your_element_by_cool_slayerNakamura Nobody_Fucks_With_The_Jesus_by_killmededGus Ohlson

    Give us notes

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