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dpThe Dudespaper

Our online publication. Hundreds of articles by our Dudeist priests to help keep your mind limber.

The Abide Guide

A far out Dudeist self-help book written by the Dudely Lama (Oliver Benjamin) and the Arch Dudeship (Dwayne Eutsey), illustrated by Brandon Yarwood. Available in bookstores and on Amazon.com

The Dude De Ching

l101Our Dudeist translation of the Tao Te Ching of Taoism. Read for free or buy at Amazon.com. Paperback and Kindle formats.

Lebowski 101

Just published! Over 80 contributors helped tie this book together. With 40 deep and thought provoking essays and over 60 illustrations, there’s a whole lotta Lebowski in here. Available in both print and Kindle (ebook) formats.

The Tao of the Dude

Collection of Dudeist wisdom throughout history, with 30+essays by the Dudely Lama. ETA early 2015.

Holy Shit!hs

A phantasmagoric and philosophical novel written by the Dudely Lama many years ago. Sort of a prelude to Dudeism: a humorous commentary on religion and spirituality. Available in paperback or Kindle format.

We’ve also got the Dudeist take on Deuteronomy: Duderonomy

And some funny Dudeist self help books that haven’t yet been written.


More to come, especially once we get Abide University (an institution of higher learning) off the ground. Got a book you think would be right for us? Visit our new “ruglishing” house, Abide University Press.

  • tom says:

    Back in the ’80s or ’90s Playboy published some rules or laws of Dudeism. One of which was “take no shit from any man, woman, child, small animal or inanimate object.” Does ANYBODY remember what the rest were or have any idea which issue it was in?

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