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Show the world that you’ve got what it takes totake it easy. As an ordained Dudeist Priest, you can minister over religious ceremonies in most U.S. States (laws vary, so check with your local County Clerk first), and assorted other countries.Preside over a wedding, funeral, or any kind of celebration with pride and authority.Or just kick back and enjoy the knowledge that you’re an ordained minister at one of the most easygoing religions in the world. There are currently over 220,000 Dudeist Priests world-wide. Help spread the Dude word!Ordaining is totally free and there are no obligations.

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NOTE: We now send out email records of your ordination, but for those who ordained before November 2010 and forgot their date of ordination, this formwill provide the answers. It will email you the name and date you ordained under.


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  • Brian says:

    Every time I try to print my certificate, there is a barcode type thing over the top of it. Very un-dude like.

  • Allen Smith says:

    Just became ordained. I shall abide and enjoy a White Russian.

  • braco says:

    If i commit to ordination as a true spiritual leader of the dudes, could I preside over my own wedding(s), a la Napoleon’s coronation (all be it in a liberal, religious and non violent empire building sort of way)?

    Very interested in the theology of self presidation, but It’s no a deal breaker, so if you don’t care, or mind either way, don’t sweat it dude.

    Stay cool (like an iced bica)!

  • Audrey says:

    What is the deal for us already ordained Dudeist Priests in Canada? I want to perform weddings and what have yous in Ontario, man.

  • rick Cannedy says:

    just hitcheded couple of some fine brothers / sister ,the paper work required a hard adress a piece of realistate , they dont take web adress. any suggestions ??/

    reverend Rick

  • amanda says:

    I live in Missouri and my fiance wants his cousin to marry us. If he is ordained by the church of the latter day dude, can he marry us? My county clerk wasnt much help.

    • Michelle says:

      Hi Amanda,
      I’m not a lawyer or anything, but my understanding is that if we say it’s a religion, it’s a religion. And in the US, the government cannot say otherwise. He would have to get the ordination certificate and the letter of good standing to attach to the wedding licence when you send it to the state. That’s what I had to do in NY, anyway.

      • I was ordained with the Universal Life Church Monastery. In Minnesota, you’re required to have a letter of good standing when you register with the County Clerk. It was a one time fee of $5.00. After that all you have to do is sign the marriage license and mail it in for your clients after performing the ceremony. You’ll be registered in the state for the rest of your life.

  • victoria miceli says:

    i would like to be a dude minister.
    can you help me please?what can i do?

  • I’m ready to be an abiding priest. I need to get a longer terrycloth robe ad slippers to preside. hope no one pees on my rug!

  • matt anderson says:

    I just got my ordination certificate!!! Totally ready to preside, while abiding, over some weddings, funerals, baby christenings or, hell, even a boat christening…sweet

  • Jared Reitmeyer says:

    Dude abides

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