The Dudeism Forum

Funny shtuff for the Dudeist Dudeocracy to let their hair down with.

Lebowski Quotes
Enjoy random quotes from your favorite Big Lebowski scenes, complete with screenshots.

Lebowski Quotes

The Big Lebowski Haikutomatic
Generates a Haiku using lines from the film!

Lebowski Haikutomatic

Dudeism Church Sign Generator
Make your own Dudeist
Church Sign!

Dudeism Church Sign Generator

"Man of the Year" Time Magazine Mirror Generator

Just like in The Big Lebowski’s office.

Lebowski Time Magazine Generator

Shareable Ordination Certificate

Show off to your friends on Facebook or what have you.

Dudeism Ordination Certificate Generator

Little Lebowski Urban Achievers Certificate

Proud we are of all of you.

Little Lebowski Urban Acheivers Certificate

Dudeist Memes
Make your own Dudeist Internet memes!


The Just Take It Easy Challenge
Can you do nothing for a minute?

The Just Take It Easy Challenge

Big Lebowski Magic "Mark it 8" Ball
Let The Big Leballski read your fortuneLebowski Magic Mark It 8 Ball

The Lebowski Lexicon
Learn how to speak fluent Dudeish

The Lebowski Lexicon

Lebowski Ringtones
The ringer cannot sound empty!

Lebowski Ringtones

Dudeism Radio
Music for Dudeists on Pandora (US only)

Dudeism Radio

Dudeism FM
Music for Dudeists on Jango (outside of the US)

Dudeism FM

The Dude’s Prayer
Listen to our holy prayer

The Dude's Prayer

Dude Equis
Our answer to the Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man in the World"

Dude Equis

Why we dig The Big Lebowski
1000+ just like your opinions, man.

Why We Dig The Big Lebowski

Everything I Need to Know
I Learned from The Big Lebowski

350+ important lessons to make your mind limber.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned From Watching The Big Lebowski

The Pop-Up Relaxation Reminder
Our free computer program that reminds you to take ‘er easy, dude!

The Dudeism Relaxation Reminder

Dudeist Reaction Memes
Reply to people on Facebook or other social media sites with a Lebowski meme!

That's Marvelous


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