Self-help, Dudeist style. Forget about all that new age pseudo-hippie crap. Dudeism provides realistic advice for those with emotional problems or just feeling really shitty. All titles will be available as soon as someone gets off their lazy duff and writes them. Interested? Please send manuscripts here. To post bookcovers or other art, or otherwise discuss Dudeist self-help, please visit the forum.

All I really need to know I learned from The Big Lebowski

Donald Kerabatsos - The Five People You Bowl With in Heaven

Larry Sellers - The Sellerstine Prophecy

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Abiding

Chicken Soup for the Sobchak Soul

Conversations With Donny by Walter Sobchak

Five Simple Steps to Taking it Easy by Jeffrey Lebowski

(contributed by David Melluish)

Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski - Life Goes on Man...
(contributed by Pat D.)
You Happy You Crazy Fuck? By Smokey
(suggested by Dwayne Eutsey)
Get a Job, Sir by Jeffrey Lebowski and The Dude The Da Fino Code by Brother Shamus
(contributed by headiebean)                        (contributed by William Bittner)



(Contributed by Tim Hough)                           (Contributed by Scott MacArthur)  

overtheline  whatsyourdrink

                                        (Contributed by Scott MacArthur) 

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