The Dudeism Forum

Hey some of our Dudeist Priests have their own sites and blogs where they expound on Dudeist philosophy and what-have-you. Dig their style, man!

The Limber Mind by Rev. GMS. Musings on Dudeist philosophy

The Artful Doodler – Rev Rich Nairn’s cartoon investigations into Dudeism

Joshiki Roshi – Zen Dudeist monk who lives in France spouts hilarious Dudeist and Buddhist wisdom.

Dudeism TV – Dudely Noted’s Dudeist Youtube channel.

Dudeismo (Italian) by Rev. Andrea Favro. Lots of Dudeism translated into Italian and also some original content

The Monastery of Nothingness – Rev. Mark Walter’s Facebook page of Dudeist philosophizing.

The Arch Dude of York’s TubeCast
Dudestock founder Kristian Lewin’s new Youtube podcast!

Tying the Room Together by Rev. Wendy Nixon, lively Zennish ruminations leavened with a bit of snark.

Dude Dad Daily – The Diary of a father trying to raise a little Walter

Lebowski Podcast – Though not technically a Dudeist blog, our pals over at Lebowski Podcast report Lebowski-oriented news that we dig. – A German Dudeist Priest translates a lot of into Dude Deutsch.

Take it Easy Dude – A blog by a Priest discussing all things Dudeist.

Dude Chapel – Rev. Peter Voegtli’s Dudeist blog.

Musings of a Dude – Dave Hodge’s blog

The Grateful Dude – Walter Sanford’s blog

Dudeism TV’s Blog – A blog to go with Dudeism TV.

More to come…

Got a Dudeist website, blog, or what-have-you that you want us to include? Contact us here.

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