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  • The Abide Guide
    Our Dudeist Self Help book is available in the USA and the UK. And elsewhere as well!

    Check out some popular quotes from the book


    Chapter list:


    I. Innerductions
    - In the Beginning was the Dude Way
    – The Whole Durn Dudeist Comedy (Introduction)
    – The Dude Testament

    II. Wiser Fellers Than Ourselves – Dudeist History
    - Great Dudes in History
    – Book of Revolutions: Dudeist Prophecy
    – Dudeist Movements: Dudeism Down Through the Ages
    – Creating a More Dude-ocratic Society: – The Politics of the Dude
    – Cinema Verte: Stoner Films and The Big Lebowski
    – Subjects Like Women – Dudeist Feminism by The Maude Squad

    III. Making it to Practice – Dudeist Lifestyle and Techniques
    - Self-Help Chopperin’ In: The Dudeism Helping to Abide Movement (DHAM)
    – Duderinos Unanimous: A 12-Step Program for Personal Dudevolution
    – Dudeitation: Just drop in to see what condition your condition is in
    – This Aggression Will Not Stand: Dude-Jitsu, the Dudeist Art of Self-Defense
    – Some Kind of Yoga: A Natural, Zesty Exercise
    – Thankie – The Power of Dudeiversal Energy by Rev. Andrea Da Favro
    – Fungin Shway: The Dudeist Science of Really Tying Your Room Together
    – Where’s the Money Lebowski? Tips on feeding the monkey by Rev. Josh Max

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    From the Amazon description:

    The Abide Guide: Living Like Lebowski
    The Ultimate Guide to Adopting the Lifestyle of The Dude–the Enviably Easygoing Protagonist from The Big Lebowski

    A commercial flop in its initial release in 1998, The Big Lebowski has since emerged as a cult phenomenon complete with an annual fan festival, midnight movie screenings, and even its own religion. Now the founder of the Church of the Latter-Day Dude has brought together his own prophetic insights along with the advice of his top disciples to show readers how they, too, can lead a more relaxed, laid-back life based on the ways of Jeffery The Dude Lebowski.

    The Abide Guide is a self-help resource that believes The Big Lebowski is more than just a movie; it’s a way of life. Packed full of tips, investigations, and far-out facts related to the movie, The Abide Guide holds the answers to all life’s questions. At once funny and profound, like the classic film itself, the book shows the easiest way to be Dude-like in a chaotic world; and includes moral and inspirational life lessons from key scenes in the movie, the seven habits of highly lazy yet totally successful Dudes, and great Dudes from history who changed the world without trying. Now when life throws a gutter ball, it’s easy to just ask, What would the Dude do?


    About the Authors

    Oliver Benjamin founded The Church of the Latter-Day Dude in 2005. His website, dudeism.com, features Lebowski-related news, fan discussions, and art inspired by the movie. Raised on In-N-Out Burgers in Southern California he now lives in Thailand, a place where, in Dude-like fashion, people wear flip-flops even with formal wear.

    Dwayne Eutsey serves as the Arch Dudeship of the church and founded its monastic order, The Brotherhood Shamus. He is a writer/editor abiding near a nice, quiet beach community in Maryland with his wife and three children.

    Each chapter includes an awesome illustration by Brandon Yarwood.

    <–New Promo Tees: (click image to enlarge)

    Book Available in the USA and the UK. And elsewhere as wellswhere.

    • mark e gelinas says:

      Many people comment to me that I remind them of the Dude, because I have, and spread, his attitudes and philosophy. It is surprising how many of life’s troubles can be minimized by following the Tao of Dude. Of course I know the difference between non- and fictional characters, but the attitudes and rationalizations are real, and I have practiced them since before the film was produced. They just never had a categorical name that I was aware of.

    Give us notes

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