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Dudeism is slated to release its online university (Abide University) soon, and we’re planning to help people publish their original work with a Lebowski theme or a Dudeist theme or any thing that just jibes with the Dudeist philosophy.

Our first title will be Phil Wells’ Homeric-verse translation of The Big Lebowski. It will soon be followed by our own “Lebowski 101” and “The Tao of the Dude.”

We haven’t figured out all the particulars yet, but if you’ve got a book brewing that you’d like to discuss with us, please contact us here.

We’ll be officially announcing the release of Rev. Wells’ new masterpiece shortly!

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  • Dan Jones. says:

    Hullo Dude! It’s etegami dan here,(a couple of pics of mine were recently poted on the Facebook page) Ive been playing with the idea of producing a little book of lebowski based etegami, for a while now, but don’t really know how to go about doing it. Can you give any advice? Are there any copyright issues in producing this kind of thing?

    Look forward to hearin from you. Take er easy!


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