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--- Quote from: Caesar dude on January 09, 2014, 11:08:10 AM ---I couldn't agree more Biker Dude.

It's more like mumbo jumbo versus rational thought.

I've watched horror films with less fiction in them than that creed!


--- End quote ---

Well horror movie or not it is extremely intolerant of other views.
The whole "one true" this and that and the "to judge" bla bla.
The opposite of abiding. The seed of intolerance lies at the very core of such religions as Christianity and Islam.
Both traffic in absolute certainties. And in my opinion, certainty of absurdities.
That opens the door to just about anything.
For instance listen to this horrible apology for genocide. A slaughter that to a person of "Faith" is perfectly moral because it is God's command. This will fry your bacon!

My response is if it's God's Will, then HE can do the killing.  Why should I (or you or anyone else) be the hit man?

No worries dudes, nothing's fucked here. Just thought I'd ask, like a child who walks in half way through and all that. Peace


--- Quote from: jdurand on January 09, 2014, 04:16:24 PM ---My response is if it's God's Will, then HE can do the killing.  Why should I (or you or anyone else) be the hit man?

--- End quote ---

Well maybe cause he doesn't exist except as a fairy tail used to get people do do shit like that.

Here's another fucking piece of shit theist excusing child rape.

Caesar dude:
But it's ok Biker's what the untenable long haired bearded blue eyed Jesus wanted....yeah...that's right ...that fictional character with as much credibility as Zeus or Loki or (insert mythical deity here) has.

Fuck em mate it's a worse story than Twilight... (actually twilight has a bit more credibility).

I personally couldn't give a shit about "Christian" Dude he's either on a mission to convert dude from his path of slackness or is so fucking up his own arse that his rectum is competing with his tonsils..

You can't have it both ways.....either be dude...or be an arsehole...

If you're a Christian and you want to be a dude then guess what!?

Peace DUDES!


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