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Who wrote this ?
Is this person on here and/or on facebook?


--- Quote from: Rev. Shagbeard on January 07, 2014, 04:40:42 PM ---Who wrote this ?
Is this person on here and/or on facebook?

--- End quote ---

You may have better luck if you send your request to the forumdude.

Ok, ok

He isn't to busy over seas at some eastern thing is he?

He is probably down at the local pub chasing reporters around asking to be interviewed! ;D
He has been doing a lot of media of late....that is why he is very seldom on the forum. 8)

Actually put the question on the page in the Dudespaper (under comments).

To a certain extent we hold principles of anonymity here, people who talk here do post on the Dudespaper but use other names here because they wish to keep both areas separate, as is their right.

And using the comments on the page means you are talking to the person themselves (if, as many do, they are watching the comments for constructive criticism).

Finally I'm sure there are data protection issues involved as well (on both sides of the pond) which mean we are not just going to give information like that out.

If the person wishes to be contacted they will have given contact details on the page on the Dudespaper.


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