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The Guy walking in the background in the scene with Donny's ashes

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Probably a tourist from Nebraska just hanging out in paradise looking for the local mythical nude beach after experiencing his first California Starbucks.

It is my belief it was the spirit of Donny looking out and saying his final good byes to his friends

Stumblin Stumbleweed:
Man, I just saw that guy on the rocks last week, during my revisit to the movie. Never noticed him before, then i found this thread.
It just looked like someone who was like a child who'd wandered into the closing scenes of a movie. With no frame of reference.
Maybe one day we'll find out who he is and the guy will get to make the keynote address at some Dudeist convention or something.

I heard he was a camera man.
If I ever attend a Lebowskifest that is who I would go as.....just dress all in black and go as the mystery man. 8)

Gen Z kid:
My Dad and I think (by where the filming location was) Its just a guy who wandered over the from the parking lot and onto the trail to see over the cliffs. (Despite the warning signs in the area) LOL

We could be wrong.

He might not have even known he was in the shot.



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