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I'm so fucking lazy...............

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So we all know that the dude was a fucking master at slacking and being lazy...and is admired by millions for the same. Slacking is an art. What have you learned from the dude about how to slack off?


I'm so fucking lazy and a slacker I only stop by my mail box behind my pad on Thursdays only (and if Thursday is a fucking holiday, I ignore it then too). Fuck the rest of the week. Let it pile up.

Andrea D.:
Far out!

I'm a big fan of the saying, "No news is good news."  :D

Yeah, fuck it, can't be bothered.

The best slacking technique is to trick someone else to do something for you, as if it was meant for them to do it.

Example:     When someone tell you to do something,

"Dad says your supposed to do the dishes."

"Hey Jim, i have a job for you!"


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