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Walter -> Dude -> Donny: Evolution of Enlightenment

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Forgive a dude if this was covered before. I've searched and looked and while I am sure I'm not the first to cover this in a comment, I'll be damned if my searching skills can't dig it up.

Last night as I'm drifting off under the influence of a few things to help a body get a good night's rest, I began thinking of our three main heroes as representing 1 person's spiritual evolution.

Walter represents "all us sinners" the every day feller that's boxed in by all the demands of the world around him. He's the product of everything that's ever fucked him over and left him with baggage.  Walter can't *be* (the real) "Walter" because he defines himself as what he thinks he *should* be.  From Shomer Shabbos to Viet Nam vet, he's *got* to act certain ways because those are the rules and he does what the rules say. In fact, he's so hardline about the rules he pulls a gun to enforce rules when he thinks someone's about to get away with something.

There's The Dude. The Dude represents actively abiding. We see shit get to him and piss him off, but in the end, he's striving to abide.  Put into situation after situation that would ruin anyone else's day, The Dude either abides or says fuck it and rolls on.

Then there's Donny. Donny's untouchable. He may not know what's always going on, but Donny don't care. Walter's verbal assaults and put downs just bounce off the guy.  He's not involved with Walter and Dude's scam with the empty ringer. We just see him bowling. And he's throwing rocks. As it's stated in another post or posts I have seen here in the forum by wiser fellers than myself, Donny's more unaffected by hassles than the Dude even. He's more Duder than The Dude himself.

It's fitting that Donny is the one who dies. In the middle of utter and complete conflict all around him, Donny is removed from the game (using death as a metaphor here). It's like what other way can you abide, refuse to be hampered by other people's hang ups or get caught up in other people's schemes *better* than refusing to play the game at all? Donny is the Badass Bodhisattva of Dudeism here.

Better minds than mine might have real, proper, and correct names for the ideas I'm barely scratching the surface of. But taken the 3 as part of 1 man's evolution from angry and oppressed individual, to abiding Dude, to some untouchable ever abiding Zen state, I think that's some pretty awesome shit right there.

Shine on, Dudes.

I was hoping someone would reply to your excellent post here Senator Tso dude. I hate to see it hanging out here all lonesome and all, but all this psychological(?) Sociological(?) stuff is way above my pay grade and out of my comfort zone.
I think this may be more up Meekon5 or maybe not_exactly_a_ lightweight's alley. Those dudes can roll!

A couple of thoughts on the dude here. Might add light to some deeper meaning to the whole darn Lebowski comedy......................

    Early in Lebowski, the narrator (a cowboy named the Stranger, played by Sam Elliott) intones, "Sometimes there's a man, who, well, he's the man for his time 'n place." The odd truth is this man, the Dude, may have been a decade ahead of his time.

    Today, as technology increasingly handcuffs us to schedules and appointments, in the time it takes you to read this, you've missed three e-mails, there's something comforting about a fortysomething character who will blow an evening lying in the bathtub, getting high and listening to an audiotape of whale songs.

    He's not a 21st-century man. The Dude doesn't care about a job, a salary, a 401(k), and definitely not an iPhone. The Dude just is, and he's happy.


@cckeiser - thanks dude, for the bump.
@digitalbuddha - thanks kindly for the link. Ran a quick read while here at work. Mind is blown. Never thought of it in those exact terms about Walter, man.

Back to feeding the monkey.

Ok I think what we have here is your basic zen ten bulls theory shortened into three bulls.

Now from my point of view I think you've gotten the last two steps the wrong way round.

Yes I see Walter as a personification of the modern person, all caught up in trying to be what he thinks everyone else thinks he should be.

But I think Donny's bowling skill is confusing you. Donny for me is the second step spending his time lost and confused not really knowing where anything is at. I think he doesn't partake of the ringer episode not out of any especially spiritual reason, he just doesn't understand.

Where as the Dude has reached the summit and stepped back into life renewed.

Walter is bulls one to three.

Donny is bulls four to eight.

The Dude is nine and ten.

I do think Donny may abide in the position of the holy fool. It is difficult sometimes to measure the level (if one were to try to measure that is) of such an individuals enlightenment (the concept of measuring enlightenment being in itself ridiculous). A holy fool may exist in the grace of whatever understanding of enlightenment by the very means of their madness, ie living the life of unattached nirvana only because they are uncluttered by the "sensible" restraints of the unenlightened.



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