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Author Topic: Feeling fat again  (Read 1862 times)

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Feeling fat again
« on: October 20, 2020, 05:27:42 AM »
My mom bought me another coat that technically fits when it comes to sleeve length and general length but is quite narrow at the hip area. My BMI is quite ok, my shape what is commonly called 'an apple', I am just short and far from being 'petite' as they say. So either I need to cut sleeves that are too long or to wear things that are too narrow.

Testing my dude patience  8) Especially the fact that I really like the colour and style of the coat.

Yes, not every 1.58 m/5.18 feet person is skinny. F#ck it.
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Re: Feeling fat again
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2020, 05:57:36 PM »
Hello, You tried to log what you eat ?
I always feel fatter and ickier when I'm eating unhealthy and overeating. Even though I know it makes me feel worse later, that little dopamine rush from eating something with a lot of sugar and fat somehow seems worth it at the time. For example you have app or own track calories spreadsheet like , it will give you an idea of your calories intake.
I think you should start just to log your food for a week, then make changes to eat right 
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Re: Feeling fat again
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2020, 04:28:08 AM »
The funny thing is I eat no junk food on a daily basis. The main unhealthy thing I allow myself is a pack of potato chips from time to time (like once in two weeks). For some reason I am a kind of salt addict recently, trying to cut this, but almost any kind of chocolate tastes too sweet, same for sodas and tea with sugar.
Perhaps I should take a closer look at my meals and training as a whole. Eating veggie stuff for your lunch may be not enough. Still it's not like going from the mastiff to the chihuahua, not that kind of thing.
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