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Author Topic: Henri Laborit, who explains why it's difficult to take it easy  (Read 269 times)

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Henri Laborit, who explains why it's difficult to take it easy
« on: January 05, 2019, 04:28:49 AM »
Good morning dudes,

I'm not a regular user of the forum and so far I've posted very few (and uninsteresting) things. But right now I'm reading a book and I think it's really amazing, and I want to share it with you because I've found inside some wisdom about taking it easy, and I need it these days.

The book is from Henri Laborit, a french neurobiologist (I'm french, sorry for if the english is bad), and is named "l'?loge de la fuite", it is not available in english but it means something like "eulogy of running away". The guy made a lot of research about stress.

His point in the very first chapter is quite simple : as social mammals, we are biologically wired to not taking it easy, because in a social group, the less stressful situation is stable domination, and we naturally want to be in this posture, the alpha. But the people who are submitted or the people who see their domination challenged are stressed, and it is almost everybody.

He continues by saying that's the human mind is amazing because it developed imagination, and imagination leads to leisure, creativity and is a way to escape a stressful reality. For him, taking it easy, just accept the stress of your situation, relax and not wanting to fight for your social position, is something human are capable to do when they are cultured and civilised.

I find it very interesting, because usually people say the opposite, that the guy who don't seek domination is closer to nature than the guy who work like a dog. I've myself always thought that Walter is deep within a civilised man, while the Dude is something more savage. But Henri Laborit says it's the opposite. Society uses a weakness of the human mind to incite people to work and seek glory, but people actually follows their natural instinct. And someone who has some culture and a well structured brain can reject his basic instinct of domination, accept the stress of his position and seek relaxation.

Voil? ! This book is changing my way of seeing the world, because now I not only know that I should take it easy, I also know why.

Have a nice day Dudes !

Le Dude tient bon.
"It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness." - Lao-Tzu


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