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Title: Three Treasures of the Dude
Post by: Masked Dude on May 04, 2018, 03:28:58 PM
BikerDude mentioned the three treasures in a reply in another thread. So here's a quick stream of consciousness I had about this. Maybe I should really think about it and write a full essay/paper. What do you think?

Treasure #1: ? (ci or tz'u), mercy, compassion, kindness, pity
The Dude is compassionate in that he never expects anyone else to be like him. He shows mercy because after a while of the bullshit, he realizes he could've just dealt with pee stains. This whole Bunny thing and the nihilists... man, that's their world, not his. He pities Walter in a way because of the whole Cynthia thing. I mean, he takes her dog while she and Marty vacation?

Treasure #2: ? (jian or chien), frugality, moderation, thriftiness
Dudes... we saw his house. In the first scene, he only buys one quart of half & half. Why didn't he buy more? Why bother? He won't use it all at once. I mean, yeah, you could argue that buying a larger container might be economical in the long run, but the Dude doesn't do long run. It's obvious he hasn't bought anything new or trendy to wear. Why?

Treasure #3: ?????? (bugan wei tianxia xian), many translations
Basically, humility or not being the first in the world. Let's face it, the movie isn't named after him. He's the main protagonist and the movie's title isn't even him. He even tells the Big Lebowski he's not the Big Lebowski or even Jeffrey Lebowski. He's the Dude or his Dudeness or El Duderino. He didn't want all this. He doesn't even want to be Jeffrey. He's definitely not the Big Lebowski, he's not a hero, he's not a courier, he's not a golfer, he's the Dude.

OK, yeah, I'm sure the Cohen dudes didn't plan on this. This is a simple case of me applying something to a movie with very little reason or proof. But I thought about it, typed this, and you may have thought about it. If it garners any real attention, I may write out more and give it actual thought past five minutes. :)
Title: Re: Three Treasures of the Dude
Post by: Masked Dude on May 04, 2018, 03:32:49 PM
The Chinese letters didn't post. I'll try to find or make graphics of them.
Title: Re: Three Treasures of the Dude
Post by: BikerDude on May 08, 2018, 02:37:38 PM
Yeah but the Dude added the "Fuck It" treasure.
Which makes the others more of a suggestion.