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Title: Bad Marmot, no donuts.
Post by: RustyMarmot on January 25, 2016, 03:45:23 PM
Hear me brothers and sisters for I have done another wrong.  One of my co-workers gave a client my cellphone number instead of helping them out.  So I was receiving phone calls all weekend from someone I really did not want to talk to, with no way of helping them short of hopping on a train back into work.  By Sunday I was sick of it.  To get back at my co-worker I signed them up to receive emails, and sales calls from 108 different companies and organizations.  Everything from home mortgage brokers, Mormons, Trojan condoms, historical societies, online dating services, lawn care services, and so many more.  Now I?m feeling a bit torn.  I?m dying to see the results, but feel kind of lame for such a petty prank.  Then again fuck him.  I just got another call while writing this.  Bad marmot, no donuts.    :-\
Title: Re: Bad Marmot, no donuts.
Post by: DragonDust1 on April 06, 2016, 10:39:19 PM
 ;DI know the feeling... I soo want to do that to a certain person that doe not seem to know the meaning of the phrase: "You woke me up, I have NOT HAD COFFEE< I'll call you back AFTER I have had a cup or two!"