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Title: Seeking volunteers in New England
Post by: Rev. Gary (revgms) on July 29, 2013, 10:44:26 AM
So Dudes I am planning to do another Hempfest, but my buddy can't help this time, so I am looking for volunteers in the New England area to help me run a Dude/Limber Mind booth at the Harvestfest in Harmony Maine. The fest is Aug. 15-18, I'll cover entry costs and keep you really stoned and mildly drunk the whole time. The mission is to spread awareness of Dudeism and maybe sell some glass to support future efforts.

If you have never been to a hempfest in Maine be prepared to have your mind blown, it is like a farmers market for weed. There will be hippies and stoners as far as the eye can see. An experience not to be missed.

Any interested dudes drop me a line.