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Title: Makes me undude
Post by: BikerDude on January 30, 2012, 03:51:23 PM
I work as a consultant so I'm constantly scanning the employment sites for contracts.
It's a fact of life with me. Lately pretty much all the high paying IT jobs are contract jobs so I end up with one year to 18 month contracts and then I have to start over.
Well now that the economy is on the balls of it's ass staffing companies have this annoying practice of posting positions that aren't real. Just to get people on record with certain skills.
On face value this sounds like a perfectly fine practice. But they don't call these guys head hunters for nothing. See as a person who is far from an entry level Dude I tend to draw pretty good water around here.
The trouble is these guy tend to treat objects like woman.
I have to give them my entire employment history, skills, what projects/companies I used those skill at etc etc...
They end up with a job posting that pays X amount. If they can get some greenhorn who can do the job they can pick them up for a pretty crummy hourly rate that sounds great to the newbie and I'm left with my Johnson in my hand. Market capitalism at it's finest. A race to the bottom.
Friends like these ha Gary?
Title: Re: Makes me undude
Post by: Judd Dude on February 15, 2012, 11:44:41 PM
Fuckin A man, fuckin A. I feel your pain man. I am a skilled tradesman and have found it quite difficult to stay working steady let alone get a fair wage. It's frustrating when all the companies want are young urban achievers who they can pay 7 clams an hour. Fuckin government are a bunch of nihilists who don't give a hang about the little guy, even though it's us who fund their spend-crazy asses. I feel like tossing them a bag of my dirty undies for this year's taxes. Fuck it. In the end I try to roll with the strikes and gutters and keep on keepin on man. That's all one Dude can do.