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Title: What ending do you prefer?
Post by: The Lennon on July 27, 2010, 04:00:32 PM
The choice that gets the most votes will be the ending both of us will stick with. Please vote!!
Title: Re: What ending do you prefer?
Post by: jjvicars on July 28, 2010, 10:37:54 AM
For the most part I like the second ending, it explains in more detail what happened and is funnier. But I also like the scene from the first ending where Geoff walks out of the boardroom, as opposed to signing a piece of paper in another room. Seems to have a little more weight. After all, this is maybe the most important decision she'll ever make in her life, and at such a young age.

My preference would be to see that scene worked into the second ending- Geoff is at the board meeting and walks over to the Dude per the 1st ending. Then the same conversation from the 2nd ending when he walked into the room where she was sitting with the paper, but in the corner of the boardroom instead. Next they walk out together per the 1st ending. The 2nd ending continues from that point on. That's my two cents!
Title: Re: What ending do you prefer?
Post by: cckeiser on July 29, 2010, 02:42:26 PM
For the most part I like the second ending, it explains in more detail what happened and is funnier. But I also like the scene from the first ending where Geoff walks out of the boardroom, as opposed to signing a piece of paper in another room. Seems to have a little more weight. After all, this is maybe the most important decision she'll ever make in her life, and at such a young age.

My preference would be to see that scene worked into the second ending- Geoff is at the board meeting and walks over to the Dude per the 1st ending. Then the same conversation from the 2nd ending when he walked into the room where she was sitting with the paper, but in the corner of the boardroom instead. Next they walk out together per the 1st ending. The 2nd ending continues from that point on. That's my two cents!

Hey JJ!

Would you like to give it a try yourself mashing up both versions?
Or maybe one of the other writer dudes here on the forum?
Title: Re: What ending do you prefer?
Post by: The Lennon on July 29, 2010, 05:29:22 PM
I can do a little copy and pasting if that's all you want.
Title: Re: What ending do you prefer?
Post by: cckeiser on July 29, 2010, 11:01:26 PM

The day of the Buddha's birth is widely celebrated in Theravada countries as Vesak.[18] Various sources hold that the Buddha's mother died at his birth, a few days or seven days later. The infant was given the name Siddhartha (Pāli: Siddhatta), meaning "he who achieves his aim". During the birth celebrations, the hermit seer Asita journeyed from his mountain abode and announced that the child would either become a great king (chakravartin) or a great holy man.[19]

Siddhartha escaped his palace, accompanied by Channa aboard his horse Kanthaka, leaving behind this royal life to become a mendicant. It is said that, "the horse's hooves were muffled by the gods"[23] to prevent guards from knowing of the bodhisattva's departure. This event is traditionally called "The Great Departure". Siddhartha initially went to Rajagaha and began his ascetic life by begging for alms in the street. Having been recognised by the men of King Bimbisara, Bimbisara offered him the throne after hearing of Siddhartha's quest. Siddhartha rejected the offer, but promised to visit his kingdom of Magadha first, upon attaining enlightenment.
Title: Re: What ending do you prefer?
Post by: jjvicars on July 29, 2010, 11:59:19 PM
Here's my mashup ending, dudes.. It's mainly a Cut & Paste job, I avoided changing dialog and so forth except in a few rare instances where I felt the restructuring of scenes called for it. I dig what you guys wrote and didn't want to deviate from that, but rather help resolve the conflicting endings by combining what I think are the best parts of each version into a story (section) that warps 'er up without any unanswered questions, keeps the comedy and flows smoothly.

Because of the length I decided to post it as a Blog on my site rather than clog up this board. If you guys like it copy and paste it wherever you want.
Title: Re: What ending do you prefer?
Post by: cckeiser on July 30, 2010, 04:39:11 PM
Thanks JJ!
Good job dude! I made a few minor changes. Here it is:


Mash-up by
Reverend J.J. Vicars

Posted on July 29, 2010

Part I. - The Big Dick walks in with two other men, they grab the 3 of them and put bags over their heads again, we see things again from their perspective.
They remove the bags and find themselves in a shed, once again tied up to their chairs. The guard from earlier opens up the door to reveal the strong morning sun. We peer outside to see a vast forest.

Man: We have attached bracelets to your ankles, if you leave a mile out of this       premises, the bracelets will electrocute you until you move back into the safe zone. Got it? Here's a knife.

The man throws a knife on The Dudes lap, who is still tied up.

Man: have fun. I'd suggest that you stay here though, for your own safety.

The man leaves through the door and we hear the sound of a helicopter take off.

The Dude attempts to move his legs so that he can position the knife closer to his hands so he can cut the rope. Maurice comes to after appearing to be napping.

Maurice: Where am I?

The Dude: Somewhere out in the wilderness.

Maurice: man, first a holding cell and now this, what the fuck?

Walter: Yeah what the fuck?

The Dude: Fuck, how am I supposed to untie myself?

Maurice: hold on a second...

We see Maurice moving his hands around, the ropes just fall off.

Maurice: Hey!...mine were loose!

Maurice gets up and grabs the knife, and cuts Walter and The Dude free.

Walter looks at his ankle:

Walter: fuck me dude, we're on parole.

The all look outside at the same time, the move slowly towards the door and peer out, looking left and right. The Dude on the left, Walter in the middle, and Maurice on the right. All three of them walk out into the wilderness, and see the vast forest all around them.

Part II. - It's dark, we see a control monitor with a screen displaying where The Dudes are on the right. There is a hand next it, we zoom out to see Big Dick sitting watching the monitor and occasionally tapping his hand on a button to change the angle. It clicks to The Dude, then to Walter, then to Maurice, as they cautiously move around the shed. We move toward the monitor as it is focused back on The Dude, as we get closer the monitor shifts to real life.

The Dude: Well Walter, what have you gotten us into this time?

Walter: Dude you know damn well that this isn't my fault.

Maurice: How is it his fault Dude?

The Dude: Walter got into this whole Big Dick shit way before any of this happened.

Walter: I apologized Dude, didn't I? I didn't know.

We move toward The Dude who just put his sunglasses on as Walter was talking. The Dude is not saying anything and just staring at Walter.

Walter: Fuck Dude, don't give me the silent treatment.

Maurice: It's more important that we get the fuck out of here dudes.

The Dude: Sigh, yeah man you're right, let's keep looking around.

The camera pans out and then morphs back into the monitor, we see them leaving the shed.
We hear a slight chuckle, but see nothing but the monitor and the hand continually changing the screens.

Part III. - As we pan out and up to a bird's eye view we see Walter, The Dude and Maurice standing in the middle of a vast forest. We see the shack and a small clearing next to it from where the helicopter took off. We pan up further to see we have been looking at the trio on a large HD screen.
We pull back a little more to see the handyman sitting at the consol and Valentina standing over him.

The handyman turns and speaks to Val, but we do not hear what he is saying. Val looks at him puzzled and asks: Where?

Just then Oliver and Geoff come into the room.

Oliver: This is our security office Princess. We are well staffed and very well protected. No one, not even Richard can get in here without us knowing.

Val: We have them! You will never guess where they are!

Oliver: Not Area 51 *Again*? Not again! Richard should know better by Now!

Val: No,...they're here.

Oliver: Here?

Val: in Belarus
Both Oliver and Val say at the very same time: The Old Estate!

Oliver: What's he up to this time?

Geoff: That was fast! How did you find them so fast? Who is that with Pops and Walter?

Val: That's our agent Maurice, he was assigned to watch over your father...just in case. It was calculated Richard may try something like this, so we had Jackie Treehorn slip Maurice in with Walter and your father.

Geoff: Jackie Treehorn?

Val: Yes, Mr. Treehorn works for your great uncle Leopold. We picked Maurice because he is a very good bowler so he fits right in there. He also has an implant we can pick up from our satellites anywhere in the world...well technically speaking not in the world...but on the world. We had lost Maurice there for a little while. We believe he must have been deep under ground...too deep for our signal to penetrate.

Geoff: Like in the catacombs?

Val and the security/handyman exchange a surprised and puzzled look for a second, then with a little resignation in her voice says: Yes Geoff, like in the catacombs.

At the same time the security/handyman starts flipping several switches and a small window opens in the bottom right corner of the HD monitor. We see the cameras flipping through different chambers of the catacombs, but they are empty of anything but coffins and benches and statues. There is no sign of Richard.

Oliver: So that's where he is, in the catacombs. But why did he leave The Dude out where he knew we would find him? Richard's smarter than that...something doesn't smell right about this whole thing. Send Yuri in the Range Rover to pick them up...but tell him to be careful...something's not right here...send Gary with him just in case. Ping Maurice to let him know we are on the way.

Geoff: I want to go with Yuri to get Pops!

Val and Oliver look at each other for just a second...

Oliver: Sorry Princess not this's just too dangerous.

Val: Richard doesn't want your father dear...he wants you!

Oliver: Of Course! That's why he put them right under our noses! Richard knows Geoff is here and would demand to go along for the rescue. He is using The Dude to get to our Princess. It is a trap! Richard must be near by...better send another car with whoever we can spare..and send them armed. Let them know they may be riding into a trap.

Val: What about the Prophecy? The other half? Why would Richard want you to take it down into the catacombs to where you found it? He knows it was walled up years ago and it's not safe...he's the one who had it walled up!

Oliver: He's mad...insane... he knows I haven't been down there since...since the cave in. He just wants me to go down there so I will remember how he tried to kill me. He doesn't want the other half of the prophecy...he's playing with me...taunting me...trying to force my hand so I make a mistake...again. Not This Time Richard! Not This Time!
It fades out and then fades back in to see a water spigot running at full blast, going into a cereal bowl. We move around it to see Geoff washing her bowl.
Oliver walks over to Geoff.

Oliver: Alright Princess, I'm leaving the decision up to you, what d' you thank we should do?

Geoff: Why is it so bad that he has the prophesy?

Oliver: If he gets the other half then he'll know that yer' the real force to be reckon with, not yer father.

Geoff: But what can I do?

Oliver: You'll have to search deep in yer self to find that one.

Geoff: Hmmm... I think I need to take a walk....

Oliver: Alright princess, don't stray to far ya hear?

Geoff: Yeah yeah... I got it...

Geoff says as she leaves the room, we move toward the window and see her leaving the estate towards the forest.

Geoff: Well if I'm going to find what's inside, I might as well go to a peaceful place to do it.... a place like the catacombs....

Geoff pulls out the other half of the prophesy from her pocket.

Geoff: I'm coming dad....

We transition back to the Dudes party, they are now walking around trees.

Maurice: I hope we find civilization soon, I can't handle this kind of stress.

Geoff enters the area from behind a tree.

Geoff thinking to herself: "Is this the way I went last time?"

The Dude: Geoff!

Geoff: Dad?!

Geoff runs to the Dude and gives him a hug.

The Dude: Where did you come from? Did the Dick get you too?

Geoff: Dad his real name is Richard, and no, he wants my grandpa to meet up at the catacombs here.

Maurice: Catacombs? I don't like the dead, Dude.

The Dude: oh well,I guess we'll all just tag along.

Walter: You will, ahem, need us as guards after all.

Geoff: Shut up Walter, not even the guy you had tabs on me could out run me, I'm safer than you are.

Walter *thinking to himself: "I will not get angry, I will not get angry!"
The group starts walking toward the catacombs which are near by. We pan up to see it close in the distance, again the screen shifts to the monitor as Big Dick watches the entire scene.

Big Dick: This should be interesting....

Big Dick stands up and leaves the room.

Part IV. - The screen turns dark, we hear dripping and the sound of the wind. we move out to see Geoff and the other three looking into the dark abyss that is the entrance to the catacombs.

Maurice: uh man.. uh... I'm not completely sure about this man.

Geoff: Come on, I'm used to the darkness.

They all start walking inside.

Geoff: Hey pops, you got a light?

The Dude searches his pants and pulls out a lighter and hands it to Geoff.
She lights it and walks in front of them leading the way. There is a pile of rubble in the middle of the floor, everyone steps over it, it's pretty high so everyone ducks to get over it.
They continue walking, water is dripping down from the ceiling.
They stop and some bats fly out towards their direction, everyone ducks.

Maurice: Holy shit, wh-what were those?

Geoff: Shhhh!!! Who are you anyway?

They are still walking as Geoff is looking at Maurice, she is walking backwards.

Maurice: Long story...short, your pops got me out of jail, he had a hook up.

Geoff: huh....

She stops herself knowing that she just did that "huh" the same way her father does.
They continue to move downward through the catacombs, now at a slant, seeing skeletons and coffins left and right.

Walter: psst! hey brat, are we almost there?

Geoff: shut up Walter, I don't even know, we are just going until we find someone.

We see her now walking towards us, she stops and points to us and screams.
We now move to Geoff's perspective.
There is a man with a skeleton mask on looking very scary.
Geoff and Maurice both start screaming at the man in front of them in fear.

Maurice: Ahh!! I knew I shouldn't have gone to celebrate!!

All of their screams caused a partial cave in over the man. he falls, his head is still exposed with his arms out, the rest of him there are rocks on him.

Geoff: Now let's see who you really are!

She takes the mask off of him.

It's Oliver.

Dude: Howdy stranger, fancy meeting you in a place like this.

Oliver: agh.... likewise dude....

Geoff: Are you okay? Why were you dressed like a skeleton?

Oliver: Because I didn't want you... to get hurt princess.... But I guess it's appropriate....argh.. ..... that I die here, in the Lebowski burial chamber.

The Dude: I didn't know you were a Lebowski man?.

We now hear footsteps coming toward them, Big Dick with 6 of his black opts men approach them.

Big Dick: ha ha.... wow brother, seems like you're in the same position you were in all those years ago....

Oliver: Richard.... I can't believe you would be behind something like this!

Geoff: Richard? this is the brother that took the other half of the prophesy?

Richard snaps his fingers and has his men grab her and search her pockets, they pull out the other half of the prophesy.

Richard: Ahh at last, now I can read the rest. Men, give me some light here!

Richard pulls out the other half and puts them together.

Geoff, The Dude, Walter, and Maurice are already running back toward the entrance while Big Dick was reading the prophesy.

Richard: Men grab that girl!!

The black opts men are now chasing them.
We move back to Oliver and Richard.

Oliver: How did you get down here...?

Richard: I live in the old estate, it has a passage way to easily get under the second floor.

Oliver: But what about.... the cave ins?

Richard: I had some of my men clear out the areas that were blocked off and reinforce some areas, fortunately it looks like they missed a spot.

Oliver: yer a no good two timing....

Richard bursting into his rage again: I'm two timing?!!! You took everything from me!!! Those seats were supposed to go to me! Do you have any idea the torment I went through!?

The strength of his voice caused another cave in above Richard, he falls to the ground and is knocked out.

Oliver: heh... well it's just as well.... you and I both meet our demise.... here of all places..... heh...

Oliver passes out.
Title: Re: What ending do you prefer?
Post by: cckeiser on July 30, 2010, 04:41:18 PM
Mash-up by
Reverend J.J. Vicars

Posted on July 29, 2010

Part V. - Everyone finally reaches the light of day and they continue to run into the forest.

The Dude: *huff huff* where are we going?

Geoff: back to the new estate!

Suddenly a helicopter comes down, the same one from before with the Lebowski all seeing eye emblem!
The Helicopter quickly lands near the clearing, as the black opts men come running out, someone on the other side of the chopper starts shooting at them.
The door near The Dude, Geoff, Walter, and Maurice opens up, and it's Maude! Along with Leopold!

Maude: Hurry, grab our hands!

They get pulled up into the Helicopter, as then another helicopter comes rushing out from the other direction, it begins to shoot their chopper! The bullets however aren't doing anything.

Geoff: What's going on!!?

Maurice: We're doomed! They got fire power!!

Maude: Relax, this helicopter is reinforced with bullet proof glass and the titanium is reinforced with our family technology.

Geoff: Wouldn't that make the copter heavy?

Maude: Our technology has had a breakthrough to have strong and light weight steel.

Bullets continue to fly as we still see the other helicopter still trying.
Maude walks over to the pilot with her headset on.

Maude: Get them now.

We see the pilot pressing a large red button, as a missile comes out of the side of the chopper and destroys the other into bits. The helicopter falls on the entrance to the catacombs.

Geoff: Nooo!!

Leopold: What's wrong princess?

Geoff: *yelling so that Leopold can hear her*: Oliver and Richard are still in there!! There was a cave in deep inside!
Leopold: Let's return to the estate, Val is already aware of the passage that Oliver used to get ahead of you, she will know what to do.

We see the helicopter move back in the direction of the new estate. Suddenly we hear screaming from inside the helicopter.

The Dude: (screaming in pain) Ahhh the fucking bracelets!! I forgot!

Walter: Turn the copter Around!!
Part VI. - We transition to black, we now see everyone in the main room of the estate, except for Leopold, Maude and Val waiting to hear from Val about Oliver. We hear Geoff finish telling them about her experiences starting from the morning of leaving Jackie Treehorn's.

The Dude: Sounds like quite an adventure.

Geoff: Me? You had more fun than I did, going to a bowling tournament, meeting a new friend in a holding cell, getting kidnapped. I spent most of my time here in the safety of the estate, hearing Grandpa Oliver's wacky stories.

The Dude: I still can't get over that the stranger I met before you were conceived turned out to be a distant relative. Man, what a trip.

Maurice: Yeah, it's interesting how everything turned out, I mean if it wasn't for all this happening, I would still be in jail!

Geoff: Well you're out, and now let me introduce myself. I am Geoff Lebowski, it's nice to meet you Maurice.
She extends her hand out to him.
He shakes it.
Val comes in.

Val: When we had arrived the entire area had caved in. We cleared away the rubble but we didn't find any bodies.

Geoff: Richards men must have gotten them....

Geoff gets up and walks over to the wall, she starts crying for her grandpa.

Val: We need to know what you will be doing as far as the estate goes, the family business needs you to take the seats of the missing family members.

Geoff:..... why so soon?....

Val: It is family procedure.

Part VII. - The family is evenly divided on either side of a long boardroom table.
Geoff is seated on a Queen Anne's chair near, but back from the head of the table. She needs to look down and across the table to see The Dude sitting in the corner of the room abiding and doing a J...being careful to flick the ashes on the floor.
Maude hands Geoff a contract and a pen.

Maude: Sweetie please sign here, once you do you will own all of the property you see here, as you are a member of both sides of the family. You will also receive the votes and the seats of your relatives.
Geoff is sitting and we see her back, we hear grunting sounds from her. As we move around to the front side we see her grasping her wrist, she is trying to stop herself from signing.

Geoff is thinking to herself, we hear her inner dialogue- "Do I choose my mothers side? or the mystics of my fathers side?"

Geoff: Aghh I just want to live a normal life..... I can't succumb to this feeling to own it all.... I know I won't stop..... why did I have to be born with this curse....?

Great uncle Leopold: The world is already yours Princess.

Geoff looks to her mother, but Maude is no help saying:

"It's up to you darling, it's your choice to make and I forbidden to... make it for you."
Geoff sits there thinking and looking at each and every face around the table. But then she sees The Dude...her "Pops"...sitting all by himself in the corner with his sunglasses on, seemingly oblivious to everything that's been going on. The Dude is just sitting there doing a J and...well...Abiding.
Geoff pauses, takes the contract and the pen and walks over to him. She stands in front of him for a few seconds looking him in the eyes. They are communicating without words and the Dude gives a slight nod in reply.

Val talking to Maude: What choice do you think she will make?

Maude: Obviously taking the estate, as she is a woman in the family she doesn't have to worry about the curse the men have.
The Dude: You can make whatever decision you want to make.

Geoff: ....

The Dude: You know what the answer is.... abide. Any decision you make will be a good one, I know it.

She slowly stands up and crosses over to Maude. Looking into her mother's eyes Geoff takes her hand and kisses Maude on the cheek. She then turns and makes her way back to her seat at the table.
She takes the contract and rips it up.

Geoff: (with authority in her voice) I know what I want to do with my life. Live it as easy going as possible and help people using my knowledge and abilities, not the money that my family has accumulated through greed and the suffering others.

[We hear One Toke Over the Line begin to play very softly in the background.]

Geoff reaches into her jacket pocket and takes out a pair of Ray-Bans...slips them on, and looking at The Dude, gives her head a pointing tilt in the direction of the open door. The Dude nods again and gets up. They lock arms and make their way towards the open door.

[The music begins to get just a little louder so it can be heard over the clamor beginning to come from behind them as mayhem has broken loose with everyone screaming at each other. There are no actual fights, but there is table pounding, a little shoving and papers being thrown in the air.]

Just as Geoff and The Dude reach the door Geoff reaches into The Dudes sweater pocket and pulls out a J. She holds it up curiously, turning it over and smelling it. Then, just as they have exited the door, she asks: Hey Pops...mind if I do a J?

They turn the corner and exit the scene before The Dude can reply.

[One Toke Over The Line begins to rock the house and takes us the credits.]

Part VIII. - As the credits roll, we see what became of everyone. We once again hear Richard narrating the story. We see pictures of what they were doing as he narrates.

Voice Over:

Well The Dude went on to continue living in the same place he had lived for years, he continued to go out with the cashier girl from Ralph's but it didn't work out, instead Maude came back and decided to try out a real relationship with him.
As a present from Geoff and Maude, she gave The Dude the rug that Maude gave her mother as a memento. It turned out to be the same rug that she had hit him over the head for and had taken back before Geoff was born. The room couldn't have been tied together any better.
Oh... And The Dude finally got his new stash from Maude, it was good stuff!
Geoff went on to public school, this time by her wishes, and turned it upside down.
She then got bored with it and decided to go traveling around the world to find her inner peace and learn the ways that her ancestors did.
She learned the ways of true magick and eventually became a powerful Mystic. She then was able to eradicate the curse placed on her family using the anti-curse magick she had learned.
Walter had to leave his security job, as Geoff had pulled strings with her mother to put him into the war in Afghanistan as a solider to shut him up about his rants about being in Nam. His army buddies were told that he wasn't old, just really ugly. Walter surprisingly did very well and won the purple heart for risking his life for one of the friends he had made who had been held captive. As soon as he was seen as a war hero, Bunny came crawling back to him hoping to get into his good graces. Walter denied her and then pulled his own strings to have her put in the army too.
Maurice finally got his dog Rex back from his ex, with the help of the Lebowski family of course.
He went on to joining The Dude's team to replace Walter. Just the two of them alone wiped out the chances of anyone getting first place besides them.
Jesus Quintana was fired from his job as a bus driver because of the incident at the bowling alley. He then however got a job as the school gym coach for his sports know-how.
Maude, Leopold and Val continued to run the estate and kept their seats. Val had been given a seat for her hard work over the years. The Lebowski family continued to flourish.
They all continued to watch Geoff using their satellites making sure she was okay. Once Geoff found out about it she used her magick so she would no longer be seen by them. Maude threw a fit.
Knox Harrington and Neune became a couple, a strange mis-matched couple that worked out very well. They now live together in the bungalow. As a favor for Knox, Maude ordered a robotic toe that attached to the nerve endings of Neune's foot, she was then a ten toed woman again!
The credits roll then to the end.

Part IX. - We see Richard and Oliver both in a remote location in bed together, arguing.
        Richard: Father loved you better!
   Oliver: mama never hugged me!
   Richard: I hate you!
   Oliver: yer not the most likable person yerself!
A man comes in. "Well my two sons, it's been a rather long time hasn't it?"
   Oliver and Richard in unison: Huh?? Dad?!?!
Title: Re: What ending do you prefer?
Post by: The Lennon on July 30, 2010, 10:41:25 PM
Fantastic mashup JJ, I greatly approve!  :D
Title: Re: What ending do you prefer?
Post by: jjvicars on July 31, 2010, 10:23:33 AM
Glad you dudes dig it. Hope it helped smooth everything out. A good story that good deserves the best ending possible.
Title: Re: What ending do you prefer?
Post by: cckeiser on August 05, 2010, 07:58:02 PM
Hey dudes! 8^)

I have another possible ending in mind, but it would require a little bit of rewrite of a few previous scenes. Most everything remains the same except the last few scenes.
Let us know what you think of story option #3!

Geoff comes in to the kitchen where Valentina is sitting and enjoying a cup of fresh brewed coffee.
Geoff to Val: I know Richard is here in Belarus somewhere, but I cannot pin point exactly where he is operating from. But he must be somewhere close by.

Val: Richard who dear?

Geoff with a puzzled look: Richard Lebowski...Big Dick...Oliver's twin brother!

Val: Richard?? That is not possible dear. Oliver's twin brother Richard died in the catacombs in a cave in when they were just children. His crypt is down on the lower level. Oliver had it sealed off ages ago. No one goes down there any more.
Title: Re: What ending do you prefer?
Post by: Abideist on November 21, 2010, 02:11:49 AM
Where can I get a copy of the script?
Title: Re: What ending do you prefer?
Post by: cckeiser on November 21, 2010, 08:20:29 PM
Where can I get a copy of the script?
Title: Re: What ending do you prefer?
Post by: The Lennon on November 25, 2010, 03:52:06 AM
I hope to get it into paper form soon so you can actually get a professional copy to read with your coffee or tea or what have you!