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Technology / Re: Reviving the Relaxation Reminder?
« Last post by Masked Dude on September 19, 2019, 01:52:18 PM »
Yeah, I've used Android Studio quite a bit. I'm not very good at Java, which is what it uses.

I can't develop for iOS because I don't own a Mac or anything.

After talking to Marlowe on my Discord, we are developing a version that is HTML/CSS/JS that might do the trick. But, again, we'll need hosting for that.

So it's not 100% dead, but unless I learn Java fast, it's flailing.

The problem with including a package with the JRE included is that it's almost 50MB large. I don't think anyone would download that just for a reminder app.  :D
Technology / Re: Reviving the Relaxation Reminder?
« Last post by BikerDude on September 19, 2019, 12:05:08 PM »
Actually if I were you I'd target Android and IOS.
The tools are free and targeting android solves all your deployment and packaging issues.
Android Studio has all the tools to make that painless.
Technology / Re: Reviving the Relaxation Reminder?
« Last post by BikerDude on September 19, 2019, 12:01:38 PM »
Make an app with the runtime included.
It's often the case that the app will have 2 releases. One packaged with the JRE and one without.

I'd suggest hosting on sourceforge. It's free.
General Comments / Re: Ordination certificate
« Last post by Jeylasis on September 17, 2019, 04:06:59 AM »
All the problems I've encountered May end by seeking knowledge from this post.
Great Dudes in History / Re: Kwai Chang Caine straight up DUDE....
« Last post by Jeylasis on September 17, 2019, 04:06:22 AM »
I came to know this topic to apply it to the problems I've encountered.
Technology / Re: Reviving the Relaxation Reminder?
« Last post by Masked Dude on September 06, 2019, 02:41:18 PM »
Project is on hold until I can figure this out.

Sorry for getting anyone's hopes up.
Technology / Re: Reviving the Relaxation Reminder?
« Last post by Masked Dude on September 06, 2019, 12:53:49 PM »
This is going to take longer than I thought

In Lazarus/FreePascal, there are very few cross-platform audio options. That means I can play sounds in Windows, but that code doesn't work on Macs or Linux.

In Java, I can play sounds, but again there's the issue of Java libraries. Mac OS X 10.7 and above no longer come with Java pre-installed. Also, it uses JavaFX, which would have to be installed along with Java's JRE (Java Run Time Environment).

This may not be possible.

For any of you tech dudes, I know that Electron and ReactJS are cross-platform. however, the issue with Electron is that it runs in a VM (virtual machine), which has huge RAM requirements. Basically, if you make an Electron app, you're starting a VM that runs a browser that runs your Electron app. I've heard the lowest RAM use is around 800MB. Even Discord uses a lot of RAM. They heavily streamline the libraries and code, but I don't have the resources to do just that.

So, dudes... I don't know if this is going to work.
Technology / Reviving the Relaxation Reminder?
« Last post by Masked Dude on September 02, 2019, 05:38:20 PM »
I thought about reviving the Dudeism Relaxation Reminder. First, it would be an unofficial release. Second, it sort of runs on my Windows 10 machine. It takes forever to start, and I'm not entirely sure why. Based on it being a .NET project from that year, I'm guessing it's a Visual Basic project created in Visual Studio. The last few years have seen big jumps in .NET, including adding C#, F#, and others.

Here's the thing: it runs on any machine with the .NET framework. That means all Windows systems, but not all Mac or Linux systems. You can redo it via Mono Develop, but you'd still have to install libraries to run it. When I did a test app, a .NET app was less than 450kb, similar to the original. But... that's not counting the hundreds of MBs that came included with Windows.

So I decided to try a Java app. OK, it was less than 200KB. But again, that's not counting the runtime needed. I have Java already installed, specifically OpenJDK 12 and JavaFX 12 for other reasons. So I thought, what if someones doesn't have at least a JRE (Java RunTime) installed? Let me make one self-contained app. Now it jumped to about 48MB because it needed to include the JRE and a lot of libraries that the JRE needs.

Hm. Let me go back to an old programming language I used: Pascal. I used to use Delphi and now I'm playing with Lazarus and Free Pascal. I haven't really played with Pascal in years, but I made a little app in it. It was 2.75MB and it ran on my brother's Windows machine without any additional downloads. If I decided to compile the app on my Linux box, I'd have to install over 550MB of stuff to do it, but should any Linux users here need it, I probably would. I can run Mac OS in a virtual machine, albeit slowly.

So.... my main questions are:

How many know for sure they have Java installed? Usually this is more than just what your browser uses. I don't want anyone to have to download a 48MB app just to remind them of breaks.

How many Mac users are there here that would use it? Like I said, that virtual Mac is slow and takes a huge chunk of my RAM when it runs. It's worth it if I know people would use it. And how many Mac users have .NET Framework 4 installed? I'm thinking very few Mac users have it. Mac and iOS apps use Xcode, and I can't share any of my code to a Mac. Microsoft development is mostly C#, etc, and Mac is Xcode and Swift.

I could write the app in Pascal, although that would be a slow start since I haven't used Pascal in so long.

Any thoughts?
Living the Life of the Dude / Re: Does Alan Jackson abide?
« Last post by BikerDude on August 29, 2019, 11:00:42 AM »
Oh my lord!
Is that you?
General Discussion / Re: Welcome to the forum
« Last post by Masked Dude on August 28, 2019, 04:44:56 PM »

Welcome, dude. Find a lane and a partner, and have fun!
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