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Mark your calendar


New series staring Jeff Bridges.
June 16 on FX
The old man.
The Dude being very undude.

And in semi related news Justified is getting a reboot.
It's returning based on a different Elmore Leonard book that has Raylan Givens as a character.

Quentin Tarantino in Talks to Direct Timothy Olyphant for FX’s ‘Justified: City Primeval’

Way cool. I'm there, BikerDude. Mark it ten.


--- Quote from: DigitalBuddha on June 12, 2022, 01:39:02 PM ---Way cool. I'm there, BikerDude. Mark it ten.

--- End quote ---

I hope it catches on.
I'm hoping for 6 or 7 seasons with a story arc.
Maybe a spinoff or 2.
Maybe a full length movie.
The whole enchilada.

First reviews look very good.
Critics were given the first 4 episodes.

--- Quote ---That said, based on the first four episodes that were given to critics, it’s too early to tell if The Old Man will be the indisputable masterpiece is promises to be. Regardless, one thing is clear: FX has something special on its hands.
--- End quote ---


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