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Author Topic: The Big Lebowski, and how it described and visualized the modern society  (Read 548 times)

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It seems that most of the people consider "The Big Lebowski" to be a plain comedy. It is, as a wiser fellow than myself once said, far from it. Coen brothers are distinguished and unique authors, who make complex and complicated movies, filled not only with jokes, but rather with reason and meaning. This one can not be an exception.

We can see here some themes covering the questions of the structure and the essense of our society. For a start, there is an obvious representation of the class system. We see a small people (Dude, Walter, Donny) and the ruling class (the Big Lebowski and Maude). We see a huge gap between these two classes. We see how the latter only uses the former for its own goals (delivering money, conceiving a child, and even blowing on a feet). We see how impossible it is for these small people to cross this gap. Of course, the Big Lebowski and Bunny are two examples of those who managed to cross it. Yet they are NOT equal to Maude. The Big Lebowski got there through a marriage. We know that by that time he already was a disabled man. His disability seems to be the exact reason why he was chosen. Maude's mother needed a weak man next to her. She needed someone incapable of competing with her (Maude, herself, pushed this idea even further and took from Jeffrey nothing more than his DNA). Bunny got there only for her beauty and, just as the Big Lebowski, she has no significant rights, she can only enjoy her relatively rich life. On the other hand, Maude is the one who has a real power. She is both, a feminist and a painter. Through her femenism the fate of white man was illuminated here. This fate is in being substituted with the "Little Lebowski Urban Achievers". This poor kids too are only being used. They will never become equal to Maude, just as the Big Lebowski never did. On the other hand, through her paintings she promotes her ideas, she puts them in the minds of the populace. To express how easy it is to manipulate human mind the authors used Dude as an example. First, he often repeats words said earlier by someone else. He repeats after the President, he repeats Maude's euphemisms, he repeats the Stranger's proverb. Then, he often sees images that were shown to him before. He saw a painting of scissors on red background in Maude's studio. During his drugged-trip he sees the Germans dressed in red and holding the same scissors. He saw a flying naked woman while meeting Treehorn for the first time. During the same trip he sees a very similar image. And so on.

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thank you, you have a cool review of this film. I really liked how you laid out the whole point in such a short description. and to a greater extent, we must all understand. With these moments you need to work and interact. I liked how much does betterhelp pay attention to every such person who asks for help. It's cool that someone manages to help


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In real life Jeff Dowd was indeed one of the Seattle Seven, and remains so militant that at Sundance 2009 he took a punch the jaw for insisting

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