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Author Topic: Dude that's very Undude Catholic style  (Read 125 times)

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Dude that's very Undude Catholic style
« on: September 12, 2020, 06:02:33 AM »
Some kind of Hall of Shame by a Catholic (reading Atheists and Protestants)

- Even though one should not use any images of God, we use them
- We have a Pagan Christmas tree and Pagan saints
- We claim that our Pope makes no mistakes, even if the case is obvious
- We use holy water and similar things, acting like Harry Potter
- We use God to fill any gap in our knowledge and throw away science books
- We forget on purpose about something like half or more of the Bible, not following the Old Testament rules
- Old Testament God is a psychopath
- Catholic husbands rape their own wives
- We do not use any contraception, even if it means our children won't get anything to eat
- A Catholic woman is a home-schooled, stay-at-home mom with at least seven children
- No kissing with a Catholic girl, no fashionable clothes, just a modest dress
- Eating Jesus' body is in fact cannibalism
- We claim Blessed Virgin Mary did not have any sex as a married woman, which is pure hypocrisy
- Priests like money too much
- Priests like children too much
- Jesus and Mary are very often portrayed with white skin and golden hair
- Children are traumatised during their first confession
- You are baptised as an infant, without asking
- Crucifixes appear in places that have nothing to do with faith
- You cannot simply walk away from the church
- Christian symbols can be tracked back to Pagan times but we say they are unique
- There is more than one version of the Bible
- Priests became involved in totalitarian affairs
- Celibacy is a myth, nepotism is real
- Catholics are sending people straight to hell for small things
- Confession is for weak people who cannot change their behavior and in a way excuses spiritual laziness
- We teach you to feel guilty all the time

Good news - some of these can be fixed right away at the basic level. Bad news - some need to be changed by the Pope, so it will take some time.
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