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Author Topic: Re: Can Dudeist Preists Perform Excorcisms?  (Read 839 times)

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Re: Can Dudeist Preists Perform Excorcisms?
« on: September 01, 2020, 08:48:04 AM »
I would be careful with that. As any book on channelling/Emanuel Swedenborg will tell you for sure, there are rather strange beings outside the physical world. Something like the favela, naughty guys who cannot find their place. And if you go there just like that - they will thrash you like bad guys should, show all your sweet dirty secrets to the world ('you like to eat bananas in the wardrobe!') etc. You wanna play? Let's play. On our terms.

Yes, you may say that's because I'm a Catholic. But I have read some unCatholic New Age books that more or less tell the same as our teachings. Unless you are really prepared mentally, better stay away. Even John Constantine was not immune to everything with his cigarettes. Being a priest does not necessarily mean being an exorcist - like being a general practicioner does not mean being a cardiac surgeon. Still you can specialize. Books and movies of 'Dan Brown' kind usually use priest characters as exorcists because it looks more interesting than preaching for half an hour. Which is what those guys usually do. Well, even the exorcism means in fact praying to some good and powerful being (Jesus Christ is quite popular but not the only option) to kick the ass of the bad one. Surprise, surprise, it is not the power of your brown eyes or the sign in your hand. It is calling your Arnold Schwarzenegger-spiritual-older-brother to do the job for you.

I am aware that the whole thing may sound bizarre to non-theists but when you perform exorcisms, you usually assume there is something that can be exorcised so I am writing from this point of view. If you are one of those happy guys who do not believe in evil spirits at all then just drink a White Russian to eternal peace of mind.
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