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Author Topic: Nothing is fucked here Dude...except my back...and my bowling score, man  (Read 23264 times)

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So I fucked my back up at work, like last October man.  They sent me for spinal injections which doesn't help at all. Two collapsed vertebrae, two herniated discs and one ruptured disc.  Now they wanna turn me into a fucking cyborg and fuse shit together and fill me with metal, man.  How the fuck am I supposed to bowl like that?

Work? I'm unemployed.  Well, technically I still have a job man, I just cant fucking do it. But life goes on man, I can't be worried about that shit.  My yoga is suffering terribly and my chi is just way fucking off man.  I need to head out to the desert and meditate...but there's not a lot of desert near Niagara Falls man.  Awww...Fuck it. 

Have any of you Dudes ever gone under the knife and had them tinker with your back?
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Re: Nothing is fucked here Dude...except my back...and my bowling score, man
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2019, 10:47:01 AM »
I have back issues but I've resisted doing the fusing thing.
Others have said that it was fine.
I just assume that eventually they will have better options available.

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Re: Nothing is fucked here Dude...except my back...and my bowling score, man
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2019, 11:20:16 AM »
Dude having a bad back sucks. The doctors put me out of work in 2009 because of my back. I was told by a doctor to find a new job before you can't work any more because of my back problems. I told him you find me an easy job that pays what I make and I'll do it. So of course I keep working construction and I was in and out of work for a couple of years. By working it caused nerve damage in my lower back and I have that tingling, burning pain like my legs and feet are sleeping. You know that feeling when your foot falls asleep and it tingles and hurts. I have that 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I've been like that for ten years now. I have trouble walking, I crawl upstairs on my hands and knees. So if an operation will help with your back, you might want to try it. Just ask the doctor what are the chances it'll help, stay the same, or get worse. If he can't give you and answer don't get the operation from that doctor.
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