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Author Topic: Got to have Kaya, man.  (Read 4556 times)

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Got to have Kaya, man.
« on: November 27, 2016, 01:46:37 PM »
So dudes, there I was listening to some tunes, when this comes on, which is cool.

I didn't understand what Kaya is, or means, so, I googled it. Quotes n reference as follows.

1.Kaya - the feeling experienced while making the connection with your higher self.

2.As Bob put it, "Kaya means herb. It's a password some of the brethren use in JA. So Kaya is really dealing with togetherness and humanity and peace, (because) the thing of peace travel through the earth now. Yes, Rastaman Vibrations and Exodus were 'arder. This time we dealing with something softer."

3.The late great Robert Nesta Marley I once wrote that he must have Kaya now! Like many of Robert Nesta’s compositions, his words were riddles and puzzles, with deeper meanings to be found by the enlightened. What exactly Marley was singing about is open to debate, and probably it comes as no surprise to those who know of Marley’s Rastafarian beliefs, many speculate he is talking about Ganja, Cannabis, the sacred sacrament of Rastafari followers. In today’s “modern” internet connected world put “Kaya + Marley” into any search  engine and the top answers will boldly announce that Kaya means Marijuana! One website states Kaya is Jamaican for Marijuana – really? I challenge anyone to come up with a pre-Marley reference where Kaya means Marijuana. Marley himself is on record stating that Kaya means a time to reflect and meditate. Mind you the simple lyrics of Marley’s Kaya certainly indicate a certain mind altered state (?).

Wo-wo-oh! Yea-ea-ea-eah!
I feel so high, I even touch the sky
Above the fallin' rain, we-e-ell!
I feel so good in my neighbourhood, so:
Here I come again!
I've got to have kaya now!

Also, there's other meaning to it, such as;

And maybe, it also has Buddhist roots;

Anyhoo, it's another one of my life questioning moments.

Take 'er easy.


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