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Author Topic: Day to Day Routines  (Read 2183 times)

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Reverend R

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Day to Day Routines
« on: November 02, 2016, 01:30:04 PM »
Im actually very curious on what all you dudes do from day to day and what have you's. I wake up and make me some nice Iced Vanilla Coffee I cant drink in the mornings it just sets me off. I go to work or what ever and do that shit over with by any means necessary then coming on home to make me a flawless White Russian, besides having a White Russian in the mornings wouldnt give me anything to look forward too. I then get on youtube and play "The Big Lebowski soundtrack" oh and isnt that shit great, just great dude. I get this nice relaxation feeling and just chill out ya know. I walk around my home looking for anything off, You need to keep your private residence looking nifty. Now it gets good, I either take bath, smoke a J, or have more White Russians, better yet get on the computer and check out the social media and shit. After a long day of being a dude I lay down and watch The Big Lebowski and see if I can fall asleep.

What about you dudes? What do you all do? I would love new things to add to my day to day scheme.


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Re: Day to Day Routines
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2016, 04:46:48 PM »
For me I wake up, make coffee and have breakfast. Then go to that wonderful institution called work, after I put in my 8 hours I go home. When I get home its straight to the garage for 4 oat sodas (1 for the walk across the yard, 1 for the shower, 1 for dinner and the last one for dessert). I sometimes putter around the house doing little odd jobs to keep busy or I just blend into the couch for the evening

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Brother D

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Re: Day to Day Routines
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2016, 05:10:06 PM »
Other than the usual routine, (school run, shopping, cooking and house work (music is a must for this!), I am a carer for my wife who has Fibromyalgia and mobility issues. Also, I'll do something with the kids or help with their homework etc.

Now and then I'll noodle about with my guitar, play a game, read or something like that, maybe unwind with a drink or two in the evening and smoke a bowl when I have some and don't have to drive.


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