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Author Topic: Patent Office Revokes Washington Redskin Trademarks  (Read 3263 times)

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Patent Office Revokes Washington Redskin Trademarks
« on: June 21, 2014, 06:40:32 PM »

So, the trademark board ruled the Washington Redskin trademarks (i.e., the name and logo) are offensive and, therefore, will not be protected under federal law. Now, the board can't stop Washington from using the trademarks but - if the ruling stands - Washington couldn't enforce its rights. That means I could print up and sell Redskins sweatshirts without licensing the trademarks and giving Washington a cut. To be clear, the ruling won't stand - the same board tried the same shit about 15 years ago and was overturned by a Court of Appeals. It's still emblematic of the modern trend to derogate property rights under the banner of communal beneficence. My points, however, are a bit more basic.

     1.     Sporting mascots are picked to inspire pride and loyalty toward the team (well, and to sell merch) not to insult the mascot, itself. Thus, the Redskin mascot is meant to be positive; ask any Redskins fan. Granted, that doesn't necessarily mean it is objectively positive. But, it seems to say more about someone who is insulted by an intentionally positive term than the person using it.

     2.     Are we going to treat the Patriots trademark similarly? Some people are clearly offended by patriots...for example, the IRS, which otherwise inexplicably targeted groups with "patriot" in their names for additional scrutiny. Oh, that's different? Ok, what about the Braves, Blackhawks, Indians, Seminoles, and/or Warriors? All still different? Well, now you're stretching, eh?

     3.     If we're concerned about trademarks offending people, is this the best place to fight? I mean, not for nothing yo, but Andrew Jackson is still on the $20 bill. Dude was an avowed indian killer, ignored Supreme Court precedent to continue his isolationist and racist policies, and started a little something called the trail of tears. Shit, why focus on native americans? Look at these 12 trademarks THE BOARD WILL ENFORCE. (Courtesy: Daily Caller).

Figgas Over Niggas
Kraut Kap
Dago Swagg
Cracka Azz Skateboards
You Can’t Make A Housewife Out Of A Whore
Blanco Basura
Home Cookin Biscuit Head
Gypsy Soule Women Who Live By Their Own Rules
Mammy Jamia’s
Uppity Negro
All Natural My Dadz Nutz Carmelized Jumbo Redskins
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