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Reverend Al:
Maybe it's just doing yoga.

Well to be fair the question remains somewhat ambiguous.
While I'll grant that we are talking wilderness proper here the scene could most aptly be described as a meadow.
The woods can be seen in the background and excluding a "caught short" situation this indicates a meadow preference. Which does not exclude the possibility of woods activity.
A larger dataset would be required accompanied by proper analysis producing ideally pie charts and what have you.
If anything this piece of information illustrates a need to more completely clarify the position.
Is the question "Does a Bear shit in the woods?"
Or "Does a Bear ever shit in the woods while sometimes in the meadow or the walmart parking lot".
To the actual question at hand similar evidence can be presented.
Clearly the Pope does at times shit in the woods. But we can assume that at other times he shits in the Vatican.
Lotta in's and out's.

And then there's this that just mucks things all up. That is clearly the Popelet.
And a ..... Bope?

Brother D:
Is that some kind of eastern thing?  Shit yeah! I did get all Schrödinger and wonder if the bear (or pope for that matter) would shit in the woods if un observed? Well dudes, we just don't know.

Bishop Berkeley would say that god, as the omnipresent observer, renders the question moot. Since he is everywhere, all is observed.

It's an interesting work-around to such quantum problems. Well, "interesting" in Bohr's sense of completely useless, un-testable, and worse than wrong.  But that's what you get when a bishop starts philosophizing.


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