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Author Topic: I hate hippies.  (Read 2645 times)

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I hate hippies.
« on: July 26, 2015, 03:13:21 PM »
I hate them cause I share their thoughts and loves and funs, but hell, they can deadly mess around as soon as it gets serious.

In my job I'm surrounded of hippies, punks etc. It brings a lot of fun but damn, it can be a bummer. It toked them 25 years to make our activity, (which is awesome and couldn't become nothing than popular) being almost unknown, and even confused with an other one, which is like the "dark side of the force". (it would be long to explain, but this is how it is).

They have done great stuffs though, really great tools to work with, and had been successful on it thanks to a lot of work (here building a diploma recognized by our state isn't a light task). But it also happened because a good part of guys working on it were not hippies.

And beyond that when you want to know how the heck some important pragmatic things are going, like for example you want to know if you will work for some of them next summer, answer can start by "Oh yeah man !" then evolved trough months :  "you know, economy is bad so nothing is sure", then "well we've lost a lot of clients and got to find new ones this winter", then "well... it's difficult you know" (which is true), then "sorry man, even ourself we got to work for somebody else in order to eat". Talking further in full compassion with them and the "cause" you learn they mostly hanged around during the winter smoking while making music, traveling, slacking (which is great) and so may have missed new opportunities. And it's sounds a lot as an understatement...

They also are creative, a lot, so it happens they find good stuffs, their case is not despaired, but shit, what a mess, what wastes of time...
For sure I may be more uptight about it cause I'm one of them. Bradypus isn't my nickname in the activity, for no reason. I know about hanging slowly... and I can be pissed cause I feel like looking at my worse defaults going on.

Fuck you hippies !
Fuck me too !
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