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Author Topic: Tantrism  (Read 3494 times)

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« on: July 19, 2015, 01:38:00 PM »
A try to express a subjective and lazy definition, but maybe partially right, of Tantrism.
I'm curious to know what you would add / change, to make it more... I don't know.

First attempt...

Having an semi erection during a new age orgy is not necessarily Tantrism.
Anyway thought it can be tantric, it's not the mean point of it.

Produces lot of funny sculptures thought.
And other acceptable pornographic images...

Melting-into-the-great-sacred-orgasmus (or banging if you will) is, like, any natural activity, a tiny part of the plan. Using "Tantrism" to talk mainly about sexual freedom became a business, with some philosophy here and there, to make it interesting, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's empty, depending on what is said and by whom. The real thing is still mostly in India and Tibet and is quite difficult to access. It's not also called something like the "secret path" for no reason. And, even if it would have make some sense, reason is quite unlikely an anal joke.

Let's skip the sex part. Second attempt...

Tantrism may have began when a monk was listening a master teaching him asceticism and thought : fuck that.
Like when Siddhartha Gautama stayed a while with starving naked sadhus, then went bowling.

Tantrism is said to be a method to produce enlightenment according to our desires, not against them.
Tantrism fundamentally also says something like : "anything is sacred, everything can be sacred"
No taboo, plus the will to explore all desires, for a religious purpose... that can lead to pretty fucked up sects.
Fact is it can happen to be covered of human ashes, showered with sacred cows piss, or drink your own piss in a human skull, carry stuffs hanging on a stick rolled around your dick, have some cannibalist fests, and even sometime 7 tickets for murder...

Because tantrism can get scary as shit, asceticism survived well even if having some fucked up disorders too.
Fortunately there are more acceptable tantric ways, cause at some point the league been pissed by some un-dude experimental results and did what was necessary to get a clean carpet. For example Mahayana Buddhism has some tantrism in order to enjoy benefits but control the freacks into it. There's also the Vajrayana Buddhism which is the official tantric school in Tibet still very under control of the Mahayanan league thought, but it happened guys screwed badly couple of times anyway.

Too long maybe. And still some sexual allusions. Third attempt...

Tantrism is some kind of strong psychedelic stuff.
Can provide a good or a badtrip. Like, Big time.

Some old regular costumers say the result is up to you, and your environment, and people in this environment, and off course what is getting you high (desire), how strong is it, what's the absorption way... with each factor being a potential source of success or massive failure.

Conclusion, first and only attempt cause that shit is exhausting...

It sounds like "sex, drug and rock n'roll" is tantric. Maybe it is not, maybe it can be.
There's likely something pure and beautiful beyond sex, like, love. Whatever it is. Trying to make it explode in pleasure, however it is done, like making it sacred maybe, you know, between consenting adults doing their way as they like, that's not un-dude to me. Is it ?

Tantrism core brings deeper primal questions :
Do we have to reject or enjoy our desires ?
What is right or wrong ?
How can we tell ?
Is it even possible to be sure about that ?
Do taboos need to be defined and sprayed by a church or should we individually make our own path ?
Do we need taboos ?

Answers can be difficult to find, and bring many other questions, like really exhausting.
But Tantrism is at least asking some of the most important questions around.

Something like that.
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Re: Tantrism
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2015, 10:42:30 AM »
Awesome DigitalBuddha, thanks !

To understand why I feel gratefull :
- Illustrating an "acceptable pronographic image" I puted a picture of an actual occidental tantric book. A draw like kamasutra shit for beginners.
- It looks like the image wasn't that acceptable cause DigitalBuddha did his moderation work and edited the post in order to erase the picture.

No harm, it's just a post in a forum, there are rules, guys administrating make rules applied, that's normal thing.

But it can be meaningful to the subject !
It can mean sexual representation can be taboo for dudeism. At least in public space like a forum board.
If not, it can mean while not giving a shit about it is anyway accepting and applying a taboo.

And that's pretty interesting.
It's just my opinion but I like that cause I believe some taboos are useful.
It just depends on what they are made of.

Namaste DigitalBuddha !
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Re: Tantrism
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2015, 01:10:05 PM »
Sorry to spam or what, but i keep slaking meditating about stuffs around these questions.
And an interesting idea came, I guess, maybe, sort of...

The moment you try to answer what is right or wrong, you give life some meaning.
So, at that moment, even if you know it has no absolute meaning, you tend to transcend nihilism.

Am I high or is this meaningful... or both ?


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