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uh, nothing is fucked here man?

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All day today, I've gotten the wordpress installation page when I try to visit dudespaper.

Is the site temporarily down or has the wordpress stuff on my computer crashed into the fucking mountain??

Lone dude:
yeah me too!  I was able to read it this morining but I went back later and couldn't.  I have noticed it's been down a few times lately.

Same here.  I sent Olly an email about it.

of all the times for this to happen - i'm on a vacation for two weeks in borneo (not as exotic as it sounds if you live a couple hours away in thailand).

i sent a message to my hoster. the info is still in the database but for some reason that install screen is up. i'm confused.

i'll do my best to get to the root of this mystery. i hope they didn't kill our poor site. might be time for an upgrade, start spending some real bones or clams.

thanks for the condolences.


Let me know if there's anything I can do to help man.  I've installed Wordpress a few times in my day.


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