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Hymns for th church of the latter day dude

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I began a pandora quest to seek out the songs in my dudesit heart that resonate with the dudeist philosophy.  It on pandora as  Hymns of the church of the latter day dude.  Fuckin A.

Alo I was at the airport and went to their chapel.  They had a guest book with christian, Jewih and Mulim Blatherings on it.  I wrote:
Fuckin A!  A place where we all can go.  I have dram that all the colors will bleed into one!

Rev. Jimmy:
Bob Dylan's "Man In Me" is a hymn in my Dudeist way. I find that playing it while I get ready for work helps to get my mind limber.

"Viva Las Vegas!" A zesty Hymn for Dudes!

Sing it, Bunny!! -


Brother D:
Anything by Creedence, or TBL soundtrack.


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