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Lone dude:
Just trying to come up with some ideas for a new colum on dudespaper.  I would like to do a movie and music review.  Please submitt some groups songs or movies you think are dude worthy and I will submit an article.

digbys kid:
"I'm Not There"

a very Dude movie

It's an old film, but I think one worthy of review: Dazed and Confused

However, I would pay close attention to how the film (in just my opinion, man) basically critiques how some of the values Dudeists extol (eg, party hardy ethos) can lead you nowhere. I'm thinking about Matthew McConaughey's character and the impression the film leaves at the end that Randall "Pink" Floyd is following his lead. Is Randall's stand against the coach at the end a good or a harmful thing?

For me, the  movie's sort of a Dudeist cautionary tale. Parts, anyway. Plus the music rocks...

Either of the "Harold and Kumar" movies could be good to review

Harold and Maude

My Dinner with Andre

Dr. I leaned to stop worrying and love the bomb.

Dark Star

..........the reviews are in your hands, Dude.  Report back to us as soon as it's done.


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