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Author Topic: Royal Air Force Tornado Pilot gets a bit miffed!  (Read 4373 times)

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Caesar dude

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Royal Air Force Tornado Pilot gets a bit miffed!
« on: January 17, 2014, 04:07:35 AM »
Have a read of this!

Itís not often I have a rant these days, but yesterday I received a letter from the council informing me that, after 15 years, they are reversing the decision to renew my Disabled Persons Parking Badge. I thought Iíd share my response with you.

Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for your letter, dated 14th January 2014. I was disappointed to see you have reversed the decision to renew my Disabled Persons Parking Badge. Disappointed yes, but not surprised that suddenly, I no longer meet any of the criteria that I have met for the last 15 years, despite my condition worsening. It was obvious from the new application procedure that the whole process has become shrouded in levels of bureaucracy, that mean that a doctorís advice can be completely ignored.

My injuries as you know, for they were well documented in my original application, were the result of a flying accident that occurred during training for the defence of this country. Since being discharged from the Royal Air Force, I have asked for nothing from this country in return; I have not claimed for any disability or mobility allowance, no unemployment benefit or income support. My only concession to this was, at the instruction of my medical team, to apply for and receive a Blue Badge.

That stood for 15 years, but you suddenly seem to know better. You stated in your letter that I admitted that I can walk at certain speeds in various situations. Yes I can walk. In fact, I pride myself on spending 40 minutes every other day, enduring the pain as I walk on a treadmill to keep myself slim and fit, thus not becoming another burden on the already over-stretched NHS. Strangely enough, I could walk 15 years ago, as you can read in my original application! You also stated that I had reported pain, yet took nothing to manage it. I quote from your letter: ďTypically an applicant who suffers from higher levels of pain will be prescribed a stronger form of medication by a doctorĒ. DONíT YOU THINK IíVE TRIED or do you think Iím making it up. I have attended pain clinics on regular occasions, again well documented, but neuralgic pain is not touched by standard analgesic painkillers. The only drugs that can have any effect are anti-depressants, anti-fitting drugs and other mind-bending formulas. Of course, you would know this if youíd taken the time to research it. The last cocktail of such drugs I was prescribed, left me in a zombie-like state and caused me to collapse in a corridor after just 2 days. But yes, I can walk. Unfortunately, if I have to walk in the rain, it feels like burning oil is being splashed on any exposed skin. If itís cold, my legs, feet, hands and the area around my kidneys feel like they are being immersed in boiling water. Just one episode of being subjected to the extreme cold for longer than necessary can leave me in pain and house-bound for weeks. So the closer I can get to my destination before I have to leave the car, the less I have to suffer this acute discomfort. But yes, I can walk!

So, how have I used the Badge over the last 15 years, during which time, presumably these conditions actually meant something. I have never parked on double yellow lines. If it is NOT cold or raining, I NEVER use the disabled parking spaces, but rather leave them to the people that have true walking difficulties. I only ever use it when, due to inclement weather, the distance to my final destination is going to cause me added pain and long-term suffering.

I will not appeal this decision; the tone of your letter makes it obvious that itís not worth the effort. (Letís face it, I can walk, and refuse to take drugs that change my personality and make me ill) Rather, I shall hold you in total and utter contempt Ė the same contempt that you appear to hold for members of our armed forces that are injured in the line of duty. I doubt that you have even read this far, but if you have, maybe next time you are walking to your comfortable warm office from your personal parking space, in the freezing cold and lashing-down rain, you might spare a thought to the pain you are causing me, by denying me this small token of thanks for the sacrifices I made for this country. Somehow, I doubt that you will.

I do not expect a reversal of your decision on the basis of this letter, but I do expect a reply, explaining how you can sit on your bureaucratic behind, in your warm comfortable office, and completely ignore the recommendations of a doctor, that have stood for 15 years, on a condition that is only getting worse as the years go by. I would also consider this case worthy of an apology for the off-hand way you have dismissed my long-standing entitlement to one of your, obviously very precious, Disabled Persons Parking Badges.

An email copy of this letter is also being sent to my local Member of Parliament, Mr. Stephen Phillips and to the MP for Lincoln, Mr. Karl McCartney, and I am currently considering contacting the local and national media, both of whom have covered my story at intervals over the last 18 years.

Finally, I note that you canít even be bothered to personally sign at the bottom of your dismissive letter. Need I say more? Well yes, I am emailing this letter so it is not signed, but the hard copy following will be.

In utter disgust,

I W Weaver
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Re: Royal Air Force Tornado Pilot gets a bit miffed!
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2014, 04:21:40 AM »
They're being very undude.


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Re: Royal Air Force Tornado Pilot gets a bit miffed!
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2014, 08:26:47 AM »
All of british management seem to be exemplary instances of the peter principle.

I find most people think they actually know what they are doing if they are made a "manager" then then think their point of view is absolutely correct even when their staff have just explained that they are wrong.

Welcome to the land of Fucktards and mellow fruitlessness.

Back when I was with the wife we made a claim for benefits.

The agency (eventually) sent us a cheque for seventy five pence.

Luckily I didn't cash it because a week later I got a letter saying we were not entitled to the seventy five pence and that we would have to pay it back.

My local taxes well spent there then.
"I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and  that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road."
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Re: Royal Air Force Tornado Pilot gets a bit miffed!
« Reply #3 on: January 17, 2014, 08:32:34 AM »
Caesar dude, well-written letter.  I feel for you man, you have every right to be miffed.  They're definitely over the line on this one.


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