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Author Topic: Up and about, but mostly in Central/Eatern Europe  (Read 1865 times)

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Up and about, but mostly in Central/Eatern Europe
« on: July 02, 2013, 03:09:55 AM »
Hello, to my fellow dudes!

I am a fairly young follower of the Dude, from a tiny country in the ? geographical ? center of Europe, Hungary. I?ve been all around this little blue marble of ours and now I decided to finally return home. Among other places, I spent two and a half years in Thailand (Krung Thep), yet back when I traveled to Chiang Mai to bathe in dirty rivers neck deep, and measure its velocity racing elephant dung downstream, among other things, I didn?t realize the significance of this place regarding my life. As I was standing ankle deep in mud under water and a half inflated dog carcass floated down in front of me, I had a revelation; a revelation to take it easy, especially for all the people around me who were all tense about danger, tropical diseases and what have you. Just like old Duder does. However, it was years later I found the Church of the Later Day Dude. By that time, I already knew the movie by heart and I could replay it in my head whenever I felt like it. I was six when the movie came out, probably I?ve seen it two years later; then again and again. Since then I have seen it countless times, in fact I don?t think I ever had a month when I haven?t seen it at least a couple of times. I don?t think it is very farfetched to say that I grew up watching that film. Even way back, when I couldn?t properly understand what was going on, I felt that there is something about the Dude; and about all the other characters for that matter. Somehow I found it impossible not to like a guy like that, henceforth striving to be like him.
Throughout the years I had some slips here and there, but since I found Dudeism, I had very few. I have been a self-proclaimed Dudeist since February of 2012 and an ordained priest since September 2012, and it helped me greatly with life. Even at times when my dudeness was challenged I managed to say, ?Ah fuck it?.

Hell, I?m ramblin? again.

So back to my story, I?m from a country with a lot of uptight people; fascists, reactionaries, nihilists and what have ya. The only thing that really ties them together is hate, sorrow and misery. Which is a pity, ?cause it would be a great place to be. For a while now, I?m trying to plant the seed of thought in the circle of my family and friends, with more or less of a success. Since I am moving back home in a couple of months, I was wondering if it would be okay, if I spread the word on a larger scale, so we could balance all those human paraquats ruining all the good vibes. There are hella good people around, they?re just hard to find, but when you find them, you can have one hell of a time and friends for life.

So, all in all; I'd like to thank all the good people here that you pretty much, changed my life.

Also, if any of you good people are from the same country/area, drop me a message.

Keep on abidin'


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