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Author Topic: The Dude in Politics; It's Just Like Your Opinion  (Read 3189 times)

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The Dude in Politics; It's Just Like Your Opinion
« on: January 07, 2013, 06:20:30 AM »
Jeff Bridges appeared at both the Republican and Democratic conventions to promote a non-partisan issue.

He's been working on alleviating hunger for 30 years. But there's been some question as to what side he's on. He says he's an issues guy who tries to stay neutral. But, someone finally asked him... his opinion, man -

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Re: The Dude in Politics; It's Just Like Your Opinion
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2013, 08:51:59 AM »
I for one, am glad he has no political aspirations. American politics is just a soap opera of megalomaniac egos in a perpetual pissing contest sponsored by The Big Lebowski's out there. I'm ashamed of it. Just because it is better than some of the other styles out there, is no excuse for the endless carpet pissing. What's the saying? I love my country, but fear my government or something? I don't really fear as much of what the government will do to me, as much I fear what the knee-jerk reactionary crazies out there with moving vans full of explosives bombing the shit out of innocent people as their way to send a message to Washington when they feel their "personal freedoms" are being infringed. We have too much power consolidated in too small an area, leaders corrupted by money, access to weapons in large quantities and a paranoid populace that's fueled by shallow sensationalist media and deep prescription pills, what could possibly go wrong? I know this is a little over the top, most people do just want to chill, but still, it just took two guys to blow up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Who knows what's being planned now in the name of personal liberty?


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