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Author Topic: Dudeism Ethnographic Study (totally chill opportunity to help spread dudeism)  (Read 1094 times)

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My dudes, I'm a chill dude in search of like-minded dudes to help get the word out about Dudeism. I'm a 27yo college student and being forced to do an ethnographic study about the literacies of any particular online community, since schoolwork totally sucks usually, I decided to do my study over something that can spread positivity out into the world man. I've always loved the movie that started it all but after exploring Dudeism I've already committed to becoming a member and getting ordained after this semester. It just really speaks to my inner dude and I think being a dudeist can prepare and help you through anything this big ole sumbitch called life tries to throw at ya.

I'm looking for dudes to take part in my study as research participants, it won't be super time-consuming or anything, I'll just ask you some questions about Dudeism and how it's affected, changed, or impacted your life, etc. Also if it's cool with you I'd ask some general questions about yourself or your life but nothing intense or intruding man, just stuff for the study. I can share more about myself or the study upon requests, just hit ya boi up y'all. In his name, we abide.

If you're interested you can pm me on here, email your dude, or reply here. Much love.


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Sounds exhausting.  8)

Bobby Milligan

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Very interesting. I would like to know more about your ethnographic studies. Did you find volunteers to talk to? I am not familiar with the ethnographic interview method, I read some additional info from the free paper. Now it became more clear to me what you will be doing. If you already have some groundwork, then I would be glad if you shared them.
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  Enjoyed reading the article above , really explains everything in detail, the article is very interesting and effective. Thank you and good luck for the upcoming articles.


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