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What's That Smell?


I was thinking this morning about the scene where the Dude gets his car out of impound. "Whats that smell man!" Turns out a vagrant may have slept in his car overnight, or just used it as a toilet.

I guess that no matter how far along you get on your path of abiding, there will always be someone who comes along who is even more dude who will remind you of your uptight thinking and attachments by literally shitting on them.

The unseen character, The Vagrant, is another thread in the old duders story who is important because of his invisibility. Those who are out there takin it easy for the rest of our sinners often don't get a film made about them, because they would never go chasing after some lost possession like the dude did, launching the entire chain of events.

So this morning, lets take a moment to space out and honor The Vagrant, who makes our pretentions of dudenlightenment visible.

So, is the Vagrant some wise, smelly Zen Master?

Exactly! What is the smell of one vagrant deficating.

Well Dude. We just don't know.


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