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OK, dudes, I have setup this thread (a sticky) as a place to exchange ideas on dealing with the human paraquat nihilist spammers who have recently been pissing on our rug.

Also, I hope this will be "command central" so to speak (AKA, The Dudes's Pad) for organizing the defense of the the forum. These strumpets, these whores, are going down. They have entered a world of pain...A WORLD OF PAIN.

Just a few minutes ago I aced about 9 more spam threads. War is declared on these nazi bastards, and obviously these undudes are not golfers, they have no frame of reference. This is not Nam, those are the fucking rules and these crazy fucks are going to mark it zero. Across this line...THEY DO NOT!

** OK, off my soap box and onward...........

Please use this thread to offer ideas, express concerns, post updates, post alerts and organize the defense of the realm.

Also; who is going to do what and how? More mods are watching, but it might take more such as new defense features added to the forum, etc. What will work, what won't? Anyone's opinion, is like your opinion man, and valuable.

The ForumDude has recruited a few new mods and I have unofficially called them the "Dudeism Troll Patrol" or "DTP."  :) (A division of Sobchak Security.)

As a close friend of mine once said "don't complain, ORGANIZE!" Fucking eh! Dudes, this is where we organize what happens when they fuck a forum in the ass!

Well, Dude - my moderator powers are only executable on the new Dudeku threads; so, my help - in deletion - will be limited. I liked your idea of reviewing new members first posts before you allow them full forum status. I think M5 is going to be having a look at things - he might come up with something. If I have any ideas I'll be sure to pass them along. Good work on the spam-killing - go DTP!

I think it was mentioned  before, but using captcha for registration would be a good start.  Then start swinging the ISP ban hammer for any current or human paraquats.  That, and then dividing mods to watch certain forums or sections, that way they can focus their powers like Walter did in "Nam.

i'm pretty sure there already is a captcha registration. the problem is that these are real people who get paid in affiliate payments for putting up links on forums. and though i'd been banning their ips it seems like they have some sort of dynamic ip generator and use various ips. not sure how that works. the thing is that i have a great spam blocker installed (akismet) but it seems to be installed improperly and uninstalling and reinstalling seems to have no effect.

all in all i'd like to move the entire forum to an integrated forum either at (wordpress) or put it into the forthcoming "the rug" which will be a dudeist social network like facebook, complete with all sorts of features like searchable maps and classifieds and friending and forums and all that stuff. hope to have that up in the next two months. on vacation at the moment so can't do much.

FUCKIN' A! Woo-hoo! A big brass ball of kudos to you (and your team) for making that happen; very cool news. If the latest Forum Folly comes off (Dude Annual) then any revenue generated can perhaps go to any costs incurred setting The Rug up, thanks DL, nice one, man.  ;D


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