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The Day that Donny Died

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Ok dudes, I have been trying to keep my mind limber and watching TBL over again trying to figure out the day that Donny died.
I thought I nailed it, but it turns out we just cannot go by the movie.
1:44:27 into the movie (scene 20 Ashes to Ashes) we see The Dude and Walter in the mortuary sitting in front of Francis Donnelly's desk. On the desk is a monthly/day planner calendar that is very difficult to read. It's very blurry even with a HD t.v.. (I had to play with the contrast and brightness setting to get the best image I could and it was still very difficult to make out.) Then there is the brass calendar and pen desk set on the upper right of the calendar that shows the day and date.
Like I said, I thought I nailed it, but it turns out the Coen Brothers were a little lazy in there set preparations.
Turns out the date on Francis Donnelly's desk is February 22 1997!

Damn it took them a long time to collect poor Donny's ashes!


--- Quote from: cakebelly on November 21, 2010, 12:46:51 PM ---Posting pics for CC: Sunken City (TBL location for Donny's ashes scene).

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--- Quote from: cckeiser on November 29, 2010, 12:45:44 AM ---As I mentioned I have been looking into the Day Donny Died. Been running through TBL looking for more clues. But it's what I didn't find that I found interesting. There are no decorations!
Ok, if we start with Ralph's on September 11, 1991 then follow with The Dude and his landlord Marty talking about "tomorrows already the 10th" which I think we can assume would be the 10th of October, then the day Donny died must be in 1992. Why? Because there are no decorations anywhere to be seen. In late October there would have been Halloween decorations on houses and in the family diner, in November there would have been Thanksgiving decorations and in December there would have been Christmas decorations everywhere, even in the bowling alley. Given there were none at all to be seen anywhere, and that they are rolling in the semis, which do not usually that place until near the end of the regular league season which usually runs September to March or April, I think we can rule out Donny dying any time in 1991. And because of the weather I mentioned before, where the day Donny died he was wearing a jacket and The Dude a sweater at night, but The Dude and Walter were spreading his ashes on the beach in just shirtsleeves, it could not have been in January or February since it is way to cold even during the day in those months to be running around on the beach in just shirt sleeves. And in February there would be Valentine decorations in the diner windows.
April would be a little too late for the semis, so it had to be March where the temperatures are pretty much right and we would no longer see any type of decorations for anything for a few more months.
On March 5th it was 55 that night and would require a jacket or sweater. It was also a Thursday. We know the team bowled on Wednesdays, but they practiced on Thursdays, which is what they had just finish doing when they were attacked by Nihilists.

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Like I said, I had no problem with March 5th, I just needed more of a reason then "it's not already taken"!

Lao Dude:
I can't remember if I cried, when I read about sweet prince demise....Something touched me deep inside..the day Donn-yyy..died..

Rest In Peace Dear Donny....March 5th 1992


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