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i'd like to read something one of you can write up on the benefits of meditation, dreams, and astral travel as tied in with how the body can take it easy, while you flow about getting into situations.

Rev. Ed C:
I had been thinking after we last spoke in The Bar, Bish, that it's not something anyone else around here had ever mentioned, but things like astral projection are a strong part of a lot of the "new-age" knowledge and practice that seem common in these parts.

As such, might I suggest, as a frequent practitioner of the arts yourself, you might best be qualified to enlighten us on the matter. I think it would be a darned interesting look into Dudeist spirituality and relaxing the mind outside of the body.

I'm sure ol' Duder would be happy to take a look over your ideas in the office of the Editorial We, if you can cobble them together.

Wadda ya say?

well, my experiences are documented for my own purposes, and aren't exactly relevant here per se. though i could look at general, and i'd say less conventional modes of practise, which are more haphazard and situational. what i mean is something brief, in favor of those that are lazy and angst ridden. also, there is an idea right there, as a sort of birth of tragedy or birth of taking it easy, of how great suffering and world weariness led to the music and harmony of laid back culture. any way, i only fear that my esoteric riffs will be a little too outlandish. but a brief word might not hurt. it does go with going with the flow, though the flow is not always smooth. an overview of conventional methods just seems pointless if i was going to write it. i tend to avoid useless labor. though when it comes to you professionals (no offence intended) i would enjoy reading. i'll just have to see what happens. but i'll stop rambling. though you can tell me what you think. about ideas. the thing here is that there is no goal except a goal itself. something, instead of nothing. am i right?

thus i have contributed.


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