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Rev. Ed C:

--- Quote from: Andrea Da Fino on January 09, 2012, 05:41:39 AM ---Well, I'm becoming a bit tired of being unemployed and having to jump like a monkey for some clams. I'm seriously thinking about raising bees as beside making beer it seems to me one of the dudest job around. But also I'm going to seriously learn how to cut grapes as where I live there are many wine makers and it should open the doors to some work and a bit of money this Spring.

Then when I'll become rich I'll open a private lake for fishing if I'm able to find a cheap one. Well, this is far in the future. You know, in the agriculture usually small farmers never get rich but at least they have always food to eat.  8)

--- End quote ---

Gotta love the simple life, man! :)

I myself adopted my first bonsai tree yesterday.  He's a beautiful 4-year-old Ligustrum.  A little drop of natural, zesty zen in my daily life :D

Mist, water, mist...

Andrea Da Fino:
Fucking eh!

Brother D:
I reckon where I live (falmouth uk) has some dudely qualities. A bowling alley, (though NO KALUHA!!), good places to eat/drink ( I can recommended a few) and hang out, eg parks, woods, beaches, a couple of local brewery's, live music venues etc. Transport links are pretty good, shops cater for most things, though you would have to venture further for some (eg head shop), but on the whole, it suits me and nowhere is perfect.

I will add, that if you want to get a job, sir,  with the current market,  the south west of the UK, is not good. As for the community, racially pretty cool,  there's something for everyone, there is a good pace of life down here, unlike a city, which I like.

I do however think that those fucks in governmental league office could do better as far as housing is concerned, there are alot of second home owners in this part of the UK which makes it hard for young people leaving university etc.

For a county whose main income is tourism, it's ok, other industry such as mining and commercial fishing has been on the decline for years, so I prefer to shop local, support local farmers/businesses and organisations. Cornwall is a beautiful place to live, with an amazing landscape and a rich cultural heritage, I'm not sure I'd want to be anywhere else.


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