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Rev. Ed C:
A good response to get back in the first 2.5 hours :)

Don't sweat it guys, this is a slow-burn process in an easygoing religious crowd.  This could take a while, and I'm in no hurry.  Put forward what you can, when you can (and substitute want for can where applicable).  If it comes to you, post it here.  If you really want to get down and deep, pop me a mail.  I won't even start putting this thing together until near the end of the year, I just want to advance plan this a bit to involve as many Dudeists from the UK as we can.

And yeah, specialists needed.  Music, films, literature, TV, politics, history, the arts, even sports!  I'm a bit of a generalist myself, so if you can fill in an area as a specialist, all the better.

far out, ed. you're not only investigating dudeism in britain, but laying the groundwork for others do do the same for their countries/regions.

as long as people avoid being too biased/nationalistic in their approaches, this would be a good way to systematically parse the history and culture of dudeism all over the world.

kudos (dudos) to you, Church Man.

I'm in ...

I do have my own online ficition/art/music magazine to edit but will definitely contribute something ( will advertise DitUK on the magazine's blog too )

Funny that you call it "dudearchy" as dudeism does seem an anarchic  philosophical position to be in, in the way that taoism does.

got a couple of dudes throughout history in mind. i'll keep 'em as a surprise)

p.s. i'm also a "writer" of sorts so would be happy to help on that front too.


I Will Definatley Try And Put Some Things Together From The Glasgow/Clydebank Area Over The Next Few Days :)

Peace .

Rev. Ed C:
Musing the first:

It was the great Dudely comedian Bill Bailey who once told me (not personally, there were quite a few other people sitting around me in that theatre) that Britain loves disappointment.

We love it when things turn out to be rubbish, we abide the crap, we revel in cockups.  Why?  Because we love to complain?  Well, partly yes.  A lot of Brits get off on having a good old moan at how truly shit everything in.

But, my theory on it is this:
Brits are actually not as uptight about things as they seem.  Sure, some of them have majorly cleft arseholes, but so many of them have a "I don't care" attitude.  That's why, as another comedian, Andy Parsons pointed out, that only in Britain could someone have published a book called Crap Towns and received complaints, not that their town was in there, but that it wasn't.  The author in fact received so many complaints, he had to publish a second book to accommodate all the people who felt their crap town had been left out.

As a nation, we have the art of self-deprication down to a fine art.  We really do revel in picking at our own faults and laughing.  The attitude is one of "fuck it, at least [insert something you do like here".  So you can moan about the state of the nation all you like and take comfort in what you do actually enjoy.  And hey, even if you don't like the healthcare, the television service, the pubs, or whathaveyou, you're still happy to be a Brit, the state of the nation be damned.

So, isn't that the first sign of Dudeliness?  Being comfortable with your own flaws and able to say "fuck it".  The ability to be patriotic without being a reactionary super-pat.

Discuss  ???


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