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Rev. Ed C:
Well Dudes, the time I think, is near, where I've drawn up some, y'know, inclination to start thinking about planning to consider to play on the possibility of starting a big project I'd proposed for the Dudespaper.

I've previously mentioned the project and received some interest, so, here we go, let's start brainstorming!


The idea is to begin exploring what Dudeism is within the United Kingdom.  Who are the Dudes?  Who are the notable Dudes in the public eye?  What's the nation like as a Dudeist state?  What sort of paraquat dwell within green and pleasent lands?  What contributions to the Dudeist ethos has Britain made?

This will not just be one article, and it won't just be written by me.  I want to get the opinions of all my national Dudely brothers together on this one.  I want suggestions, I want field reporters, I want us all to paint a picture of the UK for not only the rest of the Pan-Dudian Nation, but ourselves as well.  It's a big land and hugely segregated between areas and countires, and I for one would love to know about what's going on down the long long road.

Anyone contributing will get credit, from a mention in the credits to a fully attributed section within article.  I'm gonna act as a kind of sub-editor here on this one, and I'd love a solid team of roving reporters to throw in their own little snippits, either here on the forum, or by emailing me directly.


The topics to cover:

This Dudely Land
I want to build up a picture of the areas you come from.  Where are the most Dudely, and the most unDudely places in the UK?  I want to make a map in words of the country from a Dudeseye view.  Got an opinion on your town, your city or your county (even your country) then we want to know.  You want to tell me what Nottingham's like, or the whole of Scotland?  Please do.

Cutlure Shock, Dude
Here I want to build up a view of modern British culture and the history behind it.  From our roots two thousand year ago during the Roman invasion, through all the other invasions (the ones against us and by us) to the 20th Century and now.  Let's break down our national identity and see how that fits in with Dudeism.  I've already written an article on the Levellers, found in my column, Dude Simple, in the Dudespaper, but there must be other ideals we can draw on.  Are we in a liberal part of our cultural cycle?  What about the 4-class social system, and binge drinkers, and reality TV?  Does this make us an anti-dude nation?

Great Dudes in History
Who do you nominate for Great Dudes?
Some suggestions previously, and by myself include:
Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Bill Bailey, Howard Marks, Lemmy, Sir Clement Freud... but who else?  Where are the female Dudes in our nation?  Which historical figures were Dudely (if any)?


And what else?  What issues, as Dudes of Britiain, do you want to tackle?
I'm gonna set this ball rolling, and I'm gonna put it together, but I really need you guys to input.  I don't want a half-arsed, lop-sided view of our great nation, I want a thorough insight from all corner of the UK.

Let's start this now, because it's gonna take a lot of work to get this together.  I'm looking to start getting the first article put out towards the end of this year, but that doesn't mean it can't be a continuing project in the future, either on here or in subsequent Dudespaper articles after the initial run.

So, what do you think?
I'm waiting for some A-class opinions, Dudes.  Lay them on me :)

Caesar dude:
Hey there Ed,

This will require some thought from me over the next few days and then when I have formulated some ideas I will be happy to share them with you.

I quite like the idea of being the roving reverend reporter for Norwich.  8)

Hey dudes,

I too am up for getting involved - though, I've gotta put the monkey feeding priorities first.

I could help, contribute and the like for Manchester, Crewe and the Arbroath/Dundee area.

I'll put some thought into it, but chances are I'll be looking at British Dudes in Music as a specialist area - being a music student and all lol

Good to see the tumbleweed moving, man

Rev. Petra:
Winston Churchill was an outstanding Dude. He used to say 'KBO, KBO' quite a lot, this meant 'keep buggering on' which is clearly the wartime code for 'This Dude abides'.

You know the Pompey Dude Posse is there for you (oh bollocks did I just call us the "Pompey Dude Posse", you know who I mean, Klaus and I will be glad to destroy any semblance of organisation you care to attempt)


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