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Title: The Big Lebowski dubbed in french
Post by: _matoche on April 01, 2018, 03:56:31 AM

The first time I've saw The Big Lebowski it was dubbed in french. Of course you lose a lot of the subtlety of the script, but some expressions are not bad.

For example : Dude doesn't mean anything in France, it has begun to appear in the language very recently, and only among young folks. Besides, it's just to copy americans, a lot of the original meaning has disappeared. That's why in the french version of the movie, the Dude is not called the Dude, but "Le Duc", which means "The Duke". The royal we ?

One other thing that made me laugh is Maude saying "beaver picture", in french it is "film baveux", which means "dribbling picture". The inventivity of this one made me chuckle.

The problem is, the main line of the movie, which inspired dudeism, has lost a lot of its echo. "The Dude abides" is translated "Le Duc tient bon" which means "The Duke holds on". Not quite the same thing.

Usually the dubbing in France is quite good, but it's true there a few movies, like this ones, which are far better in original version.
Title: Re: The Big Lebowski dubbed in french
Post by: BikerDude on April 09, 2018, 06:54:26 AM
It may not translate.
Many claim that the greats don't.
The most often sighted is Dante.
Supposedly he only really works in Italian.
Title: Re: The Big Lebowski dubbed in french
Post by: _matoche on April 13, 2018, 10:23:38 AM
yeah, the dialogue of the big lebowski are among the greatest in cinema

i just wanted to testify about the dubing business in france... i prefer the movie in english, but a lot of people in my country like it in french

what i wanted to say, it is that even in france, far away from california, and for people who haven't heard all the hilarious quotes of the original version, the movie tells them something

i find that beautiful