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Title: "Are these your dirty undies Larry?": House breaking is the WORST
Post by: thevideoartist on June 08, 2016, 11:19:23 AM
I love my little dude.  He keeps my mind limber.  Nothing has ever made me so angry though as the potty training process.  I think he's so chill that when we took his diapers/pullups away he just said 'fuck it' and he deliberately goes wherever he wants.  He's 3 years old so he's old enough to communicate and understand what we want him to do, he just doesn't understand the toilet or why we use it... he just sees it as something that interrupts his time takin 'er easy and he'd rather not worry about that literal shit.  There isn't much about parenting that really bugs me but this one just makes wanna fuck up all his toy cars with a teeny tiny crowbar.

He's LITERALLY peeing on my fucking rug man!

Mostly a rant but it's also just kinda funny to share this slice of the whole dern human comedy with dudes who actually get the references.  Any ideas also appreciated.

Hopefully soon he'll be house-broken.