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Title: Discovering my struggles with furniture
Post by: Father Bubba on May 17, 2015, 07:05:23 PM
Alas, if only I could find a position of my furniture and abide with it.

Every now and again, I move my bed and entertainment center and bookshelf around my room. Three big behemoths I have to move on a carpet floor, that only hinders my progress. Usually I get fairly pissed in the process, but last night was the worst, by far. I took all the consoles and the TV off my entertainment center, and all the Guitar Worlds off of my bookshelf and got to work. I have so much shit, that most of it is on my floor, so I have limited areas to work with. So I get that set up, and I go to open a draw on the entertainment center. The bottom slips off and shit goes everywhere. I spend the next 20 minutes nailing the drawer together and put it back. Now, the second drawer does the same thing. So I take the drawers out back, ding them up a bit, and throw them away. I got the bed down, and made myself a spot to sleep. My head was hurting bad last night cause of all this. I think this is the last time I do manual labor in this private residence.

Not to mention, somewhere in the midst of all that, I threw a bag filled with everything from the drawers at the wall, and now I have a nice pretty dent that is being covered by my bed. Fucking eh, man.